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[18 Feb 2011|12:37pm]
WHO: Seth and Francis
WHAT: Phone call in reaction to the Maine-Lander.
WHEN: Thursday, February 17?; morning
RATING: PG-13 for cussin', I'm sure.

As soon as Seth picked up, Francis froze on the other end of the line. )
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[18 Feb 2011|01:08pm]
Who: Penny and Bast
What: A text
When: Friday during lunch

You have (2) new messages )
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[18 Feb 2011|07:44pm]
Who: Jen Evans and Wes Garrett
What: "Helping out" at the Evans Residence
When: Saturday morning cartoons Forward dated.
Where: Casa de los Evans
Rating: Likely high

The difference was that she wasn't in love with him. )
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[18 Feb 2011|08:55pm]
WHO: Mao, Bobby, Felix, Wolf.
WHAT: Mao has taken the initiative in spreading awareness of super powers.
WHEN: Friday around 5pm.
WHERE: Behind the movie theatre.
RATING: Likely PG-13 for potty mouths.
STATUS: Incomplete.

Okay. So this was the big day! ...Kind of. )
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