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[15 Feb 2011|12:29am]
Who: Glory and her friends
What: Valentines!
When: Valentine's day!

Sent to her friends and members of the cheerleading squad (yes, even Becca) )

Pushed into Gio's locker (anonymously) )
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[15 Feb 2011|12:32am]
Who: Calvin and Charlie, Calvin and Fiona
What: Presents!
When: Valentine's Day

Left in Charlie's room )

Left anonymously on Fiona's doorstep in a box with her name on it )
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[15 Feb 2011|11:57am]
WHO: Dietre solo (open to an optional reaction from Francis.)
WHAT: An impulse.
WHERE: Drake residence.
WHEN: Backdated to Valentine's day. After Francis left for Christine's and before Glory's visit.

He was home alone. Francis had left with a bottle of vodka, Dietre didn't expect to see him back until very late. Gloriana would be coming soon, though, to show him her dress and dance to his piano. But then she'd leave him too. She'd leave with Gio, the boy she liked better than him. )
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Texts! [15 Feb 2011|01:15pm]
WHO: Angie and Amy.
WHAT: Texts.
WHEN: Likely during a boring class.

One [1] unread message )

WHO: Angie and J.J.
WHAT: Texts.
WHEN: On a break.

One [1] unread message )

WHO: Angie and Carter.
WHAT: Texts.
WHEN: On a break.

One [1] unread message )
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[15 Feb 2011|05:56pm]
WHO: Carly and Rory
WHAT: Carly Saw Rory's encounter with Nick McDermott, and needs to know that he's okay.
WHEN: A few hours after this.

(1) panicking mom text )
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[15 Feb 2011|06:31pm]
WHO: Lexie and Wolf
WHAT: Nick goes ballistic and Lulu told Wolf to call Lexie should anything go out of hand. Well, it did!
WHEN: During this

(1) panicked phone call )
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[15 Feb 2011|06:37pm]
Who: Bobby and Savannah, Bobby and Janey
What: text
When: today

Inbox (1) )
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[15 Feb 2011|07:41pm]
Who: Penny and Katie
What: text
When: today

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[15 Feb 2011|08:35pm]
Who: Kenzie and Lulu
What: Kenzie is having a bit of a freak out over finding out that Nick not only broke Lulu's "rule" about not hurting Rory, but also that he just about killed Eisen and had to be beaten off with a bat. The freaking out leads to power manifestation.
When: January 15th, late evening after this.
Where: Kenzie's office, then Lulu's office.
Rating: High-ish for cursing.
Status: Incomplete

This was not happening. )
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[15 Feb 2011|10:43pm]
Who: David and Cait
What: Texts
When: February 15th
Rating: PG-13... For possible swears?

You have 1 Unread text message )
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[15 Feb 2011|11:07pm]
Who: Bobby and James
What: texting <3
When: today

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