May 2017



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Jun. 18th, 2015



Kellie here and this is who I brought with me:

Kitty Pryde (HERE!) who is from Marvel-616 comic verse. Right after the Battle of the Atom, Kitty left Wolverine and the rest of the Jean Grey school behind because they were being jerks and not listening to her. She went off with Scott and Emma Frost (what?!?!) but...she's here.

Corso Riggs ([info]hetooktorchy) is my adorable space cowboy who is from the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. He's pretty much a southern boy scout who knows his way around technology, blasters, and the like.

Madison Montgomery ([info]thenextsupreme) is my super bitchy witch from American Horror Story: Coven. Seriously. She's bad news. She is going to try and make everyone's day worse than it is. And laugh about it. You've been warned! <3




This is Lis and I am bringing the following lovelies with me!

Erik Lehnsherr

Erik has MV history and while he doesn't mind the big city he does miss the quiet he and Charles had. But he is hoping he finds a purpose here that he didn't find in MV. He's still hopelessly in love with Charles and will do anything for him.

Edwin Jarvis

He is coming in fresh so anybody who knows him from MV I am afraid he won't know/remember that. He also may think everybody is quite mad but he'll be polite about it ;)

Natasha Romanoff

Another fresh one. Straight from the end of Age of Ultron and so is kind of heartbroken but was taking her mind off it by training and co-leading the New Avengers. She will need lots of things to do/distractions and probably won't be too happy to be here.

Jun. 15th, 2015


Hi. At the moment, I have...

House, who will be coming in with Madison history and a lovely trip home right before arriving here during which he was caught by the authorities and put back in prison for a few months. His horrible leg pain returned. :(

Cecil will also have Madison history but be canon-updated to the end of "Old Oak Doors Part B" after he listens to Carlos's voicemail.

Abby's canon-only and her canon point is the second to the last episode of this season, after a bombing has occurred.

So, stuff?



This is Sascha and I have a few bbs to sprinkle around the joint.

Howard Stark

Howard is coming in with MV history and he is, well, he's Howard. Don't hold that against him. (Unless you buy him a drink first :P.) He will eager to figure out his new environment and set up work and a place to live. It's a bigger town with more scope so he will be busy.

Charles Xavier

He also has MV history and he won't enjoy the big city quite as much but a larger college to work at and a park nearby will help him adjust. He will be less concerned about finding the cause of the dome and more with making sure there is peace among the arrivals.


He is coming in from MV too and he will be hoping to see some friends. He doesn't like big changes so he might be a bit out of sorts till he finds his feet.

and, finally, a new muse.

Mycroft Holmes (BBC Sherlock)

The horrid older brother of Sherlock. He's the British Government so they'll probably miss him. He doesn't really like anyone but he does appreciate certain things. Especially cake and reason. He's snooty and prickly but, every now and then, he might step in to bat for you. By chance.

Have at 'em!