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3/31/08 07:07 pm - [info]apotheosis - Nation's Gentrified Neighborhoods Threatened By Aristocratization

I got this from a friend over on LJ and thought it might amuse the community. Not necessarily steampunk-themed, but at the very least Victorian-themed.

Report: Nation's Gentrified Neighborhoods Threatened By Aristocratization

WASHINGTON—According to a report released Tuesday by the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, the recent influx of exceedingly affluent powder-wigged aristocrats into the nation's gentrified urban areas is pushing out young white professionals, some of whom have lived in these neighborhoods for as many as seven years.

Maureen Kennedy, a housing policy expert and lead author of the report, said that the enormous treasure-based wealth of the aristocracy makes it impossible for those living on modest trust funds to hold onto their co-ops and converted factory loft spaces.

"When you have a bejeweled, buckle-shoed duke willing to pay 11 or 12 times the asking price for a block of renovated brownstones—and usually up front with satchels of solid gold guineas—hardworking white-collar people who only make a few hundred thousand dollars a year simply cannot compete," Kennedy said. "If this trend continues, these exclusive, vibrant communities with their sidewalk cafés and faux dive bars will soon be a thing of the past."

But my favourite part would have to be this:
Many of those affected by the ostentatious reshaping of their once purely upmarket neighborhoods said that they often wish for a return back to the privileged communities they helped to overdevelop just a few years ago. Among the first to feel the effects of the encroaching aristocracy have been local business owners like Fort Greene, Brooklyn resident Neil Getz.

"Around here, you used to be able to get a Fair-Trade latte and a chocolate-chip croissant for only eight bucks," said Getz, who is planning to move back in with his parents after being forced out of the lease on his organic grocery store by a harpsichord purveyor. "Now it's all tearooms and private salon gatherings catered with champagne and suckling pig. Who can afford that?"

God save The Onion.

1/4/08 04:29 pm - [info]miss_stanhope - Asylum Redecorating

Well dears. I thought the look of our pretty little padded cell was looking rather drawl. So I've contrived this bit of aether manipulation to bring us something more decadent and tinkered about.

The wallpaper of the asylum is now papered with an image from the wonderful steampunk animated short from Australian director Anthony Lucas, who is best known for his work in the Animatrix. But it was his unique animated adventure 'The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello' that won him an Oscar in 2005 for Best Animated Short. You can find the main website for it here, Jasper Morello . Or if you'd like to see the first few minutes of the short here is another link into the aether for you. This way

A mixture of traditional stop motion animation and CGI, most of the characters look like victorian shadow puppets, standing only in silhouette and lacking in facial details. Wonderfully cast with top class actors, and brimming with mad scientists, airships, inventions of many kinds and all set without and within the steampunk vivid city of Gothia makes this a need to have addition to any vernian library.There are rumors from the director that there might be two more shorts to follow the travels of Mr. Morello as well as a feature length film that may or may not be live action. And with the way this first voyage into the animated world of gears and clockwork, the future additions can only promise more delectable images for our glutenous pleasure. But be fair warned, my darlings. This tale is delightfully dark.

Jasper Morello Photos )

Now, of course. You have command over your own state of mind and what ceiling you wish to stare at through the duration of the night. And I shall not take such a choice from you now. So, please. Tell me how you all feel about the changes to the asylum, your input is appreciated and vital to the future of my decorator's fragile heart. For I don't know whether I should let him keep it or pickle it for dissection later in the laboratory.

yours truly,
Penelope Stanhope

1/2/08 02:20 pm - [info]miss_stanhope - Specimen #842

Now, being a well educated woman of the world I have an extensive collection of specimens and oddities in my laboratory. And I have taken great care and detail in documenting what each one of these are and what their purposes may be. But Specimen #842 I found after trailing a very elusive creature that left a sickly yellowish secretion that ate through most basic substances like paper and wood. I only managed to contain it in glass. After rigorous testing with various instruments, I have still to find out what creature it belongs to and or what it is truly capable of. Though it did act in the unsightly demise of one of my more careless assistants who thought the then, unlabeled bottle was a day old container of lemonade. I will not include the details of his death since it did take us a few days to gather poor Alonso up from various parts of the lab. It now reads 'Do Not Ingest' in very bold, helpful letters above it's categorization to avoid losing more careless assistants. At least in this way.

Specimen #842 )

(this would be your asylum runners first attempt to make steampunk related objects. Be kind if you please.)

12/19/07 11:49 am - [info]nonvarnished - Exhaustive edification essential

Good fellows of this institution, I am in need of instruction. I find myself drawn to the use of my difference engine in the creation of detailed pictorial representations of geared devices. I would be most grateful to any and all able to recommend, and indeed direct me to, repositories of knowledge pertaining to the expedient production of beauteous images composed primarily of interlocking or solitary brass cogs, clockwork and related items.

Most particularly, instruction in the efficacious application of the GNU Image Manipulation Program would be heartily received.

My thanks in advance.

12/12/07 07:38 pm - [info]miss_stanhope - The Golden Compass, Steampunk Toys

As if Stardust hadn't been kind enough to all of us with it's Steampunk toys and lightning collecting air pirates. The Golden Compass is not lacking in any of the golden clockwork and steam powered or aether running machines or aircrafts we love.

Though there is entirely too much critism over the religious standings of the film, in my opinion mind you, and it's adaptation accuracy. The movie to the average movie goer or just someone who enjoys fantasy and steampunk is a wonderful treat. The visuals are fantasical yet familiar to our own world and the little inventive mechanics the characters use are enough to make a steampunker giggle. And the golden compass itself? I am waiting patiently,well maybe not that patiently, for the collectible replicas to come out.

While it's not a full out Steampunk driven movie, like most fantasy movies in the last few years, it gives a affectionate nod to the genre with it's attentive addition of clockwork and gears.

I may have to throttle a few critics and religious enthusiasts before the movies run in the theaters is over though.So if I am found missing after too long, there is now a valid explanation behind my dissapearance.

yours truly,
Miss Penelope Stanhope

12/10/07 06:27 pm - [info]nonvarnished - Riding in on an iron wrought, steam powered, skeletal horse


As a recent arrival my first move was to locate a steampunk group here and so far I like what I see! I look forward to my time here.

I suppose I ought to say something about myself... My name's Matthew, although most people online call me Solar, I'm here from England and even before I discovered this genre I was known by a few (especially my fiance) as a victorianesque gentleman. I write and am part of a newly developing (or redeveloping, depending how you look at it) steampunk RPG on a forum.

In any case, cog-shaped biscuits/cookies for all! *holds out plate*

12/7/07 02:19 am - [info]miss_stanhope - Tid bits for the inmates

Oh dear, look how our little band has grown when I wasn't looking. I'm sorry to have been away so long, but I want to welcome all our new members and let you all know again that anyone is free to post whatever they like here.

Now it seems that Brass Goggles, one of our biggest collection of steampunk paraphenalia available online is down at the moment. There is no news as to when it will be up again but I'm sure the problems will be fixed soon since there is such a high demand for it to be opperational again.

Also, a tidbit for the steampunkers out there that love the occult side of our genre. I happened to be in a game store the other day when I came across a game called Arkham Horror, a board game based off the monsters from Lovecrafts books. They are created by a company called Call of Cthulhu and the site and game as well are very nice to look at. I hope to get a physical game for myself soon to give you all a proper review.

11/10/07 10:10 am - [info]trie_squid - introduction of sorts

*tumbles out of the steam*

Hi, I'm 'Trie and I'm a casual-steam/steampunk. I like mixing geisha and American frontier in with my more Victorian steam.

I'm also a sculptor and build steampunk ephemera occasionally. My housemate's much shinier and devoted to building steampunk objects than I am. He makes lovely steampunk masks.

'Kay, bye.

9/4/07 11:21 pm - [info]miss_stanhope - Link Update

Here are a few more delightful links that I'd forgotten about until Kurukami mentioned the fashion lj.

There is an up to date, helpful and inventive lj for Steampunk fashion called SteamFashion .

Also, if you want something in print that will make those aether sensory's giddy, here is a link to the first published and printed Steampunk magazine. They give you the option of downloading the magazine for free or subscribing to the printed version for a reasonable fee.
Steampunk Magazine .

I shall dutifully add these to the link page.

9/4/07 11:51 am - [info]kurukami - IJ Steamfashion?

Are there any existing communities for steampunk fashion and costuming on IJ? I've seen some back over on LJ, but haven't spotted any hereabouts quite yet.

8/27/07 02:01 pm - [info]miss_stanhope - Oh My

Well, the music is wonderful and the site is a wonderful treat.

Go check out the new band Johnny Hollow, even the loading screen is a wonderful toy and full of Steampunk goodness. I hope to buy this new cd when it comes out.

Johnny Hollow
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8/27/07 02:31 am - [info]miss_stanhope - I Know You're There, Dears

Since I have cast the first die, lets see what our new lurkers have to say about their nicely padded rooms.

Come along and introduce yourselves, it's only polite.

-Penelope Stanhope

8/26/07 01:06 pm - [info]miss_stanhope - A Gentlemen's Duel

Originally reported news on Brass Goggles , A Gentlemen's Duel is a 8 minute, animated Steampunk romp. Now I have seen this short film, when Brass Goggles was hosting it, but unfortunately it was pulled from youtube by the animation studio.

But we can still hope to see it soon when it comes out on dvd and covet the beautiful trailer.

A Gentlemen's Duel, by Blur. Enjoy!

A Gentlemen's Duel

8/26/07 01:54 am - [info]contessaugolino - Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.

The redoubtable Miss Stanhope has asked me to contribute a post or two to this august enclave, and I feel it fitting to be contrary, and start with something (or, rather, someone) only incidentally steampunk.

Behold, the wonder and the glory that is the effervescent Lord Whimsy! Here is a man we can admire, despite the lack of steam-powered geegaws.

8/26/07 12:17 am - [info]miss_stanhope - Howdy Do, Moppets

Welcome to Gears & Glory, the first Asylum for Steampunk enthusiasts and addicts. Anything and everything about Steampunk is allowed in here. We love a good bit of victorian history or even a piece of fiction. Links to fun tidbits and toys are well recieved and greedily gobbled up, so please do. And if you happen to cosplay Steampunk, again, yes please. Pictures are pretty and make everyones day.

Not to start all of you off with some fun links from your Asylum Warden, here are some awesome Steampunk websites to browse.

Brass Goggles A wonderful UK web blog with a cacophony of Steampunk goodies.

Aether Emporium Another wonderful Steampunk website and directory of Steampunk concerned websites.

Fanplusfriend A Gothic Lolita online clothing store that carries Victorian Era inspired pieces, even some Steampunk pretty pieces. All the pieces are hand made upon order too which adds to the giddy goodness of it.

Abney Park An honest to gods Steampunk band. Check out their kick ass site, it's very fun.

Have fun, join up and help spread the delightful genre.

Your Mod,
Penelope Stanhope
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