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Aug. 30th, 2019



Universal Idol - Week 7 - Eliminations and Finale!

The show opens with a little more fanfair than usual. This is the finale, after all. The culmination of seven weeks of blood, sweat, tears, and in some cases...alcohol. A host outside of the Idol Arena interviews fans as they wait to get inside. Who is your favorite? Any predictions for what to expect tonight? The live fan interviews are intercut with home-video clips. Recordings made by fans from across the universe who have fallen in love with the show and its performers. This show really has succeeded in becoming a Universal phenomenon.

The camera cuts to an interior shot of the arena. Fans of all shapes and sizes are packed into their seats, cheering and waving their hands. It swings around to the stage and closes in on Skylar James-Bale, wife of producer Benjamin Bale, who has stepped in to be the face of the competition since “The Incident” during week five.

Skylar smiled at the audience before looking toward the camera. "Thank you everyone for coming tonight, and thank you to those that are tuning in at home. I think we were all surprised at just how much of a positive reaction we got when we debuted. I think everyone was craving having something of their own here in Galador, and this, Universal Idol, has really become something that everyone, both native citizens and transplants, can gather together to watch and cheer for their favorites, and we are so happy to have had the chance to bring that to you."

"Anyway, as a reminder, the prize for winning is a guaranteed recording contract with Full Moon Entertainment, and the winner will be promoted throughout (currently) 5 planets. Hopefully, next round, we'll be able to promote even to even more planets."

"We hope that you enjoy the show that we've prepared, and, anyway, on with the show!" She held her hand up and waved at the audience, blowing a kiss to them before heading off stage.

On with the show! )