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Birthright Ends [19 Jul 2008|04:16pm]


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On its four-year anniversary, the cast of Birthright brought its desert adventures to a close, after writing 5,088 pieces of fiction. We are grateful to have been part of such a community.

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Our story continues in City Limits! We hope you'll make the trip to Chicago with us.

The first tumble of the weed [18 Jul 2008|05:06am]

Tyler sat in full lotus position, incense burning on a nearby table. His mind had wandered away from the discipline of his mediation, and instead he simply let his mind wander over the past few years’ events.

For the duration of his time in Vegas, there had been times when Ty felt as though he was being handed random shapes, and told that they were pieces to a puzzle. And how the hell you fit a triangle, a square, a circle, and a star shaped piece of life together to make anything of sense had been beyond him for some time now.

But looking at it today, he saw how everything worked together. The pieces did fit, they did make sense, and now that they were all together the outline was looking fairly decent. He didn’t have all the answers, not now, and probably never would. But what Tyler did have was a restored sense of purpose. And a restored sense of love.

He silent thoughts were interrupted, however, by loud music coming from the other room. The sound of Star cursing loudly over blasting ABBA tunes was more then enough to pique Ty’s interest. He stood to his feet, extinguished the incense, and meandered down the hallway to see what he crazy girlfriend was up to now.

Sequeway [18 Jul 2008|01:05am]

Limerick, Ireland
August 2012

Much to Darian's satisfaction, the debate about relocation settled on Ireland. It was a city of only 90,000, with more limited opportunities than Vegas held, but he was not so bound to business anymore. The Dealmaker's main points of concern were that it was European and not Scotland. There was only so much he could take. After all, a small but intelligently silent part of him still reeled from knowing he relocated for a woman. Where Bethany was concerned, he had accepted that he would behave out-of-character, for however long their affair lasted.

Yes, though. That was internal acknowledge. When questioned, Darian identified the city's finer points (among which he did not include its reputation as the largest supplier of contact lenses in the world).

Over the centuries, Darian had become a connoisseur of culture and an aficionado of accents. Before long, he spoke in as good as native tongue, quite willing to shed the American flatness for something with more class. And whichever small pieces of Bethany's confidence hadn't been restored in her last year in Las Vegas returned when she went closer to home. While always seeming to be at ease in Las Vegas, Darian's eyes detected differences in her. Perhaps it was an absence of snobbery; There was less occasion for it there.

Darian had gone willingly, and for a while, it was enough. By summer of 2013, however, the winds of his restlessness began to shift.

Home [18 Jul 2008|12:08am]

There was something poetic in the symmetry.
There was a vampire in the graveyard when she went to visit Aidan.
She still cried when she hit Illinois.
And her gas ran out when she hit the Verona, NJ city limits.

Those were the highlights she told her father when she got home. Home.
The word meant something different now, as an ex-resident of Searchlight, Nevada.
Not an ex-resident, really. She always had a home there, with Emmy... with Aidan.

Destiny sat on the porch and remembered.

Emmy and Destiny met the day before she left. Destiny tried to explain why she had to leave, but no words came.
Emmy just nodded. There were tears, promises of open doors and letters and e-mails.
As Emmy pulled her into an embrace, Destiny's heart broke a little. Part of her wanted to drop her bags and stay there.
Destiny knew, however, if she ever wanted to come back, she always could. Home is the place where, if you go there, they have to take you in.

Emmy was home to her.

Visiting Aidan was harder, because there was a finality to it that rivaled the day they buried him.
She had gripped the marble of his tombstone, whispering sweet nothings into the ground on bended knee.
She hated leaving him in the dry ground, but Destiny knew that the Aidan she loved wasn't in the ground, he was in the sky, the air, her heart.
He would be going with her everywhere. His spirit would always be there. They couldn't take away her memories.

Destiny pushed the porch swing with her foot and held the cross that dangled over her heart. Aidan would always be home with her.

The only thing that bothered her was that she couldn't find Rhiannon, but she knew that someday, they'd cross paths. They always found each other, and likely always would.

Rhiannon, in her own way, was home too. She was her rock, the voice in her head that would be there if she did something stupid or needed strength.

She left a lot of people. William, Aidan, Emmy... many people she loved and lost.

She left Searchlight, sadder, but wiser. Older, but in a new place mentally.

Destiny could always go back - and she probably would.
As she passed the "Leaving Searchlight" sign, she took a deep breath over the lump in her throat.
She was not the same and would never be the same.
She had been changed, for good.
It was time for her to continue to grow and keep finding the pieces of herself.
And the best way was to go back to where everything began and start over.

When you're born, your soul explodes.
Pieces of you fly into people, into places.
You spend your entire life trying to find those pieces.
And when you find them, you are complete.

To be continued...

The Chronicles of Hannah Flynn, Ghost (continued) [17 Jul 2008|11:42pm]

Captain's Log
Stardate 07.17.2012

In the spirit of Revelation 2012 (ghosties are real!), I have decided to embark on a part-time gig as a serial prank artist. I shall use my invisibility as an ally! Because I'm the jumble-headed sort, I've decided to compile a list of entry-level 'prank jobs' for the week. My chosen target? The Stanley-Ballard Office Building, where I shall become known as the Mischievous Spirit of Stanley-Ballard!

Monday- The Copy Machine Job
Infiltrate the office building. Locate the copy room. Wait for an employee to approach alone. Watch them start a huge batch of copies. While their back is turned, quickly remove original document, briefly go visible, and press my face against the screen. Make 'silent scream' expression for a few copies, then retreat before they notice. Follow them back to the desk. Watch as the chips fall where they may.

Tuesday- The Lobby Job
Lay in the middle of the first floor lobby, preferably in front of the elevators. Let people trip over me. Scream in agony (maybe legitimately).

Wednesday- The Helpful Spirit Job
Go to the company gym. Sneak into the men's locker room. Find the showers. Wait for a victim. Start handing him things, like the shampoo, conditioner, or bar of soap. If he runs screaming, offer him his towel.
Edit: Can I make a camera go invisible with me?

Thursday- The Car Job
Materialize in Mr. Ballard's passenger seat. Once he's driving out of the garage, begin to mess with things. For example: a) repeatedly change the station to Rump-Shakin' Classics, b) flick on the windshield wipers, c) turn on the hazards, d) while he's at a stoplight, engage the parking brake, e) use electric button to roll down his windows, f) reach over and honk the horn.

Friday- The Porn Job
Infiltrate Mr. Stanley's personal office. While he's in a meeting, sneak onto his computer. Begin downloading pornographic photos. Send them as attachments on business emails! Include captions like, 'Let's DO lunch!'


As you can see, faithful log, I am settling into my existence as a spirit. It doesn't have the zing-badda-bing of life, but it's got some perks! If I hadn't died, Whistler wouldn't be around, and I never would've met Oliver. Plus I am helping people! I've gotta chance now to do more than serve cherry pie and meatloaf. I still haven't given up my dreams of being a Real Girl again. It's funny how being ordinary never seemed that great, 'til I got to be extraordinary.The above experiment is to see how the PTBs handle a little misappropriation of talents. Fingers crossed!

But I guess I wanna say, if this is what the world's got in store for me, I can take it. Not only that, I can have a fun time doin' it. So don't you worry about me. Hannah Flynn's gonna be alright.

I think my earth HQ's are about to change. Oliver's thinking about leaving Nevada, once his legs are healed up. If he goes someplace else, that's probably where I'll be, when I get time off 'the job'. So maybe sandy old Searchlight's not the long-haul for me, after all.

Goodbye Verlie Doing, I'll miss getting knocked upside the head for using the 'H' word. Goodbye Natasha Rockwell, I hope you find some bodyguards to love in California! Goodbye town where I loved Devon O'Connell, who kissed me in the middle of the street with a sun-halo behind his head. Goodbye Sonya Ramius, I'll miss our road trips to pick up ketchup packets and demons dressed like Liberace! Goodbye Creepy British Goth Chick, who made me sell my soul for Tom Jones tickets and nearly shoot my foot off. Goodbye Mrs. Abernathy, and your casseroles. Goodbye Searchlight Ladies' League, BINGO was a blast and a half, especially when I ran off with all your trolls like a looter in a riot. Goodbye Mallory Quinn, my great friend, save the turtles... clip your soda rings! Goodbye Julie Sanchez, who taught me Spanish cuss words, I just know you'll find what you're looking for!

As for Victoria, Whistler, Connor, Deanna, and all the rest: I don't know why, but I've got this feeling I'll occasionally see you on the flip side!

This is Hannah, signing off.

Family [17 Jul 2008|10:35pm]

Christmas, 2012

Julie pulled up in front of the ranch house, more than a little nervous. She hadn't called, didn't know how they'd react, but she didn't care. She had every right to be there.

The presents were slung over her shoulder, carried in her knapsack, and she walked up the steps.

Before she could ring the bell, the door opened and her father stood in the doorway. Neither father nor daughter spoke for several heartbeats, simply staring at each other. Julie finally broke the ice: "Hi daddy, I'm home," her expression a mix of hope and defiance. They hadn't spoken since that phone call the day after everything went to hell, and it hadn't gone well.

Her father didn't say anything, but after a moment gathered her in a fierce bear hug.

"Welcome home," he finally managed, and drew her inside, letting the door shut behind them.

February, 2013 [17 Jul 2008|10:28pm]

"And I'll take some of that bottled water," Mallory said, examining her list and making sure she'd picked up the essentials. She already had most of her gear together, but supplies like food and water had to be stocked up on before she left civillization behind. Being a Council field operative was hardly a holiday, but she enjoyed the work and the travelling was interesting.

This time it was Yellowknife, out in the Northwest Territories of Canada. There had been vague reports of a new breed of demon living out there, and she was on her way out to the site to do some camping and check things out. If it was bad enough, she'd call for backup to take care of the problem. It was nice to have something that felt like a purpose again. The redhead looked over some flashlights in a display case, decided to pick up two of them before she left. With the guys in Englad footing the bill, she had access to everything she needed as far as equipment went.

A Single Familiar Face )

Intense blue eyes looked over his shoulder, watching Mallory as she disappeared into the store before they looked away and Boden focused himself.

Life was certainly going to be interesting with Boden along, that was for sure. Mallory watched him for a moment, noting the way his breath was visible on the slight breeze, then went back to dealing with the man behind the counter.

Interesting in possibly a very good way.

One Way Ticket [17 Jul 2008|09:39pm]

Las Vegas (LAS)
Terminal 1 to Detroit (DTW)

Detroit (DTW)
Terminal E.M. MCNAMARA TERMINAL to Madison (MSN)

Between Then and Now )

Magnum eat your heart out! [17 Jul 2008|09:58pm]
This is the life )

Guide [17 Jul 2008|08:59pm]

September, 2012 )

Crossroads of the World [17 Jul 2008|09:36pm]

For the city that never slept, dusk at Times Square felt like a ghost town.

Everyone was on pins and needles. The curfew in effect, the spectre of boogeymen looming under sewer grates, New Yorkers reluctantly learned to adapt to the change, hopeful that soon things would turn back to normal.

Whistler stood staring at the news scrawl as it wound its way underneath the Coca-Cola advertisement. 'Envoy to Speak with United Nations Tomorrow'... 'Explanation of Current Crisis'...

That was him, wasn't it? The Envoy. Huge fuckin' letters letting everyone know answers were coming.

God he hoped he didn't flop sweat on camera.

But if the delegate from Uganda decided to lob a tomato at him, Rhiannon had his back.

And for the Agent, that was enough.

Marking Time [17 Jul 2008|07:48pm]

Do you know how fast you were going? )

Amen [17 Jul 2008|11:37pm]

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Awakening The Holocaust [17 Jul 2008|09:57pm]

Successes, yes... Failures, no. Merely disappointments.

This place no longer holds what it once did. Its most important of legacies now vanquished. Just. A new era we now enter. Things... Are no longer as they were and yet, some? Are now as they once were. The awareness of ages past, now returned to the cradle of humanity's mind. A harvest, this is. The seeds have been sewn and now the children must dance. I once spoke of this place being as a holocaust in slumber. They had a mind of my referencing only the urban dwellings.

I think not.

No, I spoke of the world... And now its sleep is at an end.

Behold, your wages of sin. Let us now compose your songs of metal and of flesh. The genesis of shadow is coming and you may pray at its altar.

Bye-Bye, Vegas [17 Jul 2008|09:17pm]

You know what's weird? Ever since all this vortex crap rained down, it's like... This place lost its lure. Even I felt it - a magnetic thing. I remember, way out, down by Searchlight. Those mines. I made my way there, yesterday.


No fucking thing, whatsoever.

Well, guess the party's over now, huh? Not the big one, toots, nuh-uh. That one's just starting up. Came here to get me a Slayer, though. If Vegas went frigid, that means the draw's gone and if there's no prey, then there ain't no hunters, right? Not as many as there were, anyway.

Oh, don't get get me wrong... Kids playing 'soldier' are way fun to hunt down, but I can do without drawing APC fire up my rear end, you know?

So, I'm hauling on out. In fact, I'm in a tropical mood. Somewhere laid back. Somewhere happy. Somewhere without so much fucking government interference riding my ass, like it's a shower-time in Gitmo. Bermuda, maybe?

Well, wherever it is, I won't go camping out too near a harbour, this time. 1942... Real bad Christmas, man.

Goings [17 Jul 2008|09:11pm]

The Mallorys, she is be gones!

Much troubles back home... Is like America. My father, he call. I think I am be neededs there.

Goodbye again, America land! Your drinkings in small bars is taste like the donkey with shitting troubles, but we have the good times!

I think, one day, Sonya come back.

Memorandum To All Medical Staff [17 Jul 2008|09:07pm]

I am told an interesting number of preserved South American specimens are in urgent need of my attention. I expect to see full adherence to efficiency in my temporary absence.

Doctor Katherine Metzger
Chief Medical Specialist, Wolfram and Hart, Las Vegas

Pastures [17 Jul 2008|09:07pm]

This land, a prisoner now freed...

Sisters move to places we are now more in need.

Memories [17 Jul 2008|09:03pm]

I'm in shock.

That's what it is, right? Shock. When you kind of can't move? And, like, you need to keep doing things, 'cause you're afraid if you don't, everything's just going to fall down around you? And how you never expected it'd feel like this, but it does, anyway?

Yeah. Shock.

I'm glad Star left for her mom's before this letter reached me. I was sort of worrying how Mallory might take the film. I told her to try and ignore all the advertising for it. Heck, I even warned her there'd be some, because I needed permission to do this. That's what led to us going nuclear.

And now... Now she does this. And my hands are shaking. And I need to keep thinking or I'll do something bad.

I called her. Just. Before she got on the plane. That helped. Just. I think it's what she wrote. It just... It dredged so much up for me. I think I cried.

I need to wait a few hours before I call Star. She doesn't need to sense me in this state. It'll go, anyway. It always does. Eventually.

Deanna's here now. That's what counts. We're over our thing. And that's kind of weird, too, isn't it? Me and her, here in Las Vegas. Fang Noir, once again no more. It's like... A circle's been completed, you know? Back at the beginning, again. Except now the world's changed, like, forever. In a good way, I suppose. Always figured it'd be something like this, except with maybe a few more pyrotechnics - which, granted, we've had before. Several times, actually.

I'm looking back on everything now. I've pretty much done it all, huh? Remade Fang Noir bigger and better than ever. Fell in love, which I'm supremely grateful for, no matter how rough the ride(s). Turned someone. And no, I'm not getting bored with her, thank you very much! She's my little dark angel... I'm going to come through with my promise and try to help her be everything I said. She's got real potential, that one. I even met with a Slayer (vampire-girl interviews Slayer; got to be a sitcom in there, somewhere). Gosh, now I'm even a vampire movie star! How cool is that?!

Things I've still got to do?

1: Think up my next film. If any. I'm going to have to think about this one, considering the present climate. I'm winning the ambiguity battle, so far, but maybe I'll get another director in, for my next.
2: Continue the research for my book. Everything on the supernatural going through the roof, but I started writing this thing a while back, damn it. It will be finished.
3: Come clean to my family. Maybe I should wait a little longer on that one, huh? See, told you Star's stronger than me.
4: Find a way around this curfew. It's getting hard to find decent food around here!
5: Have oodles of sex, until I stop feeling sorry for myself. Because, y'know, why break the habit of an unlifetime?

All of which is starting to bring me to the rather sorrowful conclusion of needing to have a vacation. I wonder if how travel restrictions abroad are. Australia might be nice.

Hee! Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! Who knew I would've got to it, right when all the big stuff started to go down? Well, I've done my bit to transform it into a lesbian vampire paradise. I like to think my work lingers on. Yes, I do.

I feel better now. Lot of memories, here. Know what I think I'll do? Try and visit some of my favourite places, assuming law enforcement doesn't catch me on CCTV. I've met a lot of people. Killed even more, I suppose. Gosh... I even went back in time. Which now makes me feel bad. Because I've haven't visited Hawaii, since then. Think I'll recognise a few shops? Maybe. Wonder if I'll come back here in fifty years or so, too. Hope it's still nice.

I think it will. It's as if this place has a life, all of its own, don't you find?

A Moment [17 Jul 2008|07:57pm]

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