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    Monday, May 23rd, 2011
    7:50 pm
    Who: Tony and KK
    When: Whenever, they're flexible
    Where: Tony's lab
    What: Whatever, they're heh flexible.

    Thursday, April 21st, 2011
    7:53 am
    Who: Ellen and Bobby
    What: Rekindling
    Where: Bobby's house
    Rating: TBD
    Status: Incomplete.
    Damn boys...Aint the only one killing monsters )
    Friday, April 15th, 2011
    5:56 am
    Who: Yelena and Victoria
    What: After mission date.
    Where: Shield base in Italy
    Rating: R
    Status: Incomplete.
    Another day and mabye a late night get together. )
    Thursday, March 31st, 2011
    9:22 pm
    Who: Namor and Sue
    What: more meetings.
    Where: Baxter building
    Rating: TBD
    Status: Incomplete.
    my love...! )
    Sunday, March 13th, 2011
    10:04 am
    Who: Lara and Nate
    What: New job.
    Where: Tibet ruins.
    Rating: R
    Status: complete.
    Oooooooh Fun )
    Thursday, March 10th, 2011
    5:30 pm
    Who: Aeryn and John
    What: Flying lessons, and whatever disaster is following John now
    Where: Her Prowler
    Status: Incomplete.

    Thursday, September 9th, 2010
    9:29 pm
    Who: Tony and KK
    What: 5 weeks after her arrival.
    Where: Back in Stark Tower.
    Rating: TBD
    Status: Incomplete.
    work work! )
    Thursday, May 6th, 2010
    4:30 pm
    Who: Captain America and black widow
    What: Stopping a Drug cartel
    Where: some random rooftop Los angels
    When: 5/6/10
    Rating: R
    Status: Incomplete.
    Not Easy. )
    Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
    12:39 am

    Who: Locked to Iron Man and Emma frost.
    What: Some fun PSl
    Where: Stark California place
    Rating: R
    Status: Incomplete.
    Damn,Em )
    Tuesday, April 13th, 2010
    1:26 am
    Who: Rothgar and anyone
    What: THe darkspawn are coming
    Where: Dark woods
    Rating: TBD
    Status: Locked/Incomplete.
    Peace vigilance )
    Saturday, February 27th, 2010
    1:52 am
    B>Who:</b> Marcus Strombane and Bellatrix Lestrange
    What: Thinking to himself
    Where: A random Wizarding town.
    Rating: TBD
    Status: Locked/Incomplete.
    Weak minded fools )
    Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
    1:48 am
    Meeting new people in a new world
    Mike was walking the streets of Manhattan late at night everything was so new to him within the years he had been turned he had been fascinated by his new abilities and afraid of them.
    He could smell everyone but not just them he could smell the layers of cloths they where wearing, The undershirts even there socks he could smell who was human close to human and far from human as far as he thought. Vampire werewolf’s shape shifters even mind readers.

    He was walking with his bags packed down Manhattan to head for the docks. The clan master Sloan gave him orders to find Jason Calderon who was currently in England doing his own thing. Turns out he is a mercenary of some sorts not a great profession to others like him.

    He waited on the very dock leaning against a brick wall dropping his bags on the floor. The cool night breeze hitting him on the face as he closed his eyes and waited for whatever was going to pick him up. Then as if someone held a vampire hand to his nose the scent of a female vampire hit him and he shot up it was familiar to him but he still needed to hone his senses.
    Sunday, June 14th, 2009
    4:08 am
    Alex sat by her window in her lonley apartment, stairing at the sheeting rain outside. It Reminded her of her life in bombay when she was a child. her mother had always loved the rain. every year, at monsoon season, she would always take Alex out into the rain. Alex was teriffiedat first, but she grew to love it. Alex got up to get a pieace of paper, and started to write. She didn't think she was good at poetry, but she figured she would give it a try. 'you, my sun. my earth. the brightness of the stars couldn't compair with the light the shines from within you.' your spirit huants me.'
    Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
    6:20 pm
    "Oy mates, welcome back ta work!" Tessa said with a bright smile as Reena, Spock, Pavel and McCoy stepped aboard the shuttle. Spock had his PADD out and was typing away, looking up information on the next mission.

    "I see ya alredy workin' on the next mission." Tessa said. "I'll be doin' feild work with ya dis time." she said looking turning and taking hold on the controls. "Itz excitin'." If there was one thing to say about the pilot, she was quite talkative and friendly too.

    She was about to close the doors to the shuttle when she saw Irina seemed to be waving, saying her last goodbyes to somebody. Tessa turned and looked out the window, watching Reena's brothers waving at the ship, Mike, sitting atop Dougs shoulders. Tessa laughed, winked at Mike and waved to the others with a bright smile.
    Thursday, June 4th, 2009
    12:20 pm
    Captain Kirk was walking through the halls of the Starfleet base. He was given his usual yelled at for his gun hoe attitude. On the other hand he was given congratulations for a successful diplomatic mission.
    He then remembered what had happened when he was his usual drunk self as he walked passed the gardens he remembered there was something he needed to do.

    Lately he had been thinking about that pilot Tessa. There was something about her something intoxicating something that just attracted him……..well at least she wasn’t green. He thought he walked toward where she would be staying he stood in front of her door unsure of what to say or what to do.

    He then took a deep breath and gently tapped the door hoping she was home and he would try to talk to her. He wasn’t sure where to begin but hoped something would happen.
    Sunday, May 24th, 2009
    10:55 pm
    WHO: Spock and Reena, maybe the Kessler siblings... more later? Who knows!
    WHERE: San Fransisco Star Fleet Base and China Town
    WHEN: Some time after a drunken evening
    WHAT: Pure character development
    STATUS: Closed, Incomplete

    The day had come. The Odyssey was departing, among with a few other vessels, but of course no other launching was more distracting to Spock that the one carrying Nyota Uhura. There were others gathered outside the Academy, waving off those who were leaving but none with the exception of one had the pointed ears and blank stare of a half-Vulcan. Impassive is the word that could best describe Spock’s stare but it was a thick mask, hiding his longing and sadness. He stood there, watching the shuttles fly off, with his hands clasped behind his back, lip pursed. Even after the ships had gone and the spectators had cleared, he stood there... alone, deep in thought.

    Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Spock hunched over and rubbed his temples, remembering the words his Captain had told him. “Stop wallowing in self pity! Get yourself out there, man! You’re using work as an excuse to be miserable. Stop over-working and fucking relax!” Spock chuckled to himself and nodded to an invisible someone as if affirming this notion. He stared walking, just walking on and on, deep into the streets of San Francisco. Observing the bustling city and the interactions of it’s inhabitants. Looking up he spotted a sign that boldly labeled the section ahead as “China Town.” he smirked and remembered Irina had mentioned that she frequented the area. He distantly remembered the name of a tea house... if only she’d mentioned where it was, he’d drop in to see if the Kessler siblings were there...
    Saturday, May 16th, 2009
    10:16 pm
    Shoreleave at home!
    "Tha's the last of em'" Scotty said looking to the left. The rest of the crew had already beamed back down. The Enterprise was in for repairs and everyone had been ordered to Earth for manditory shore leave.

    Everything was ready, a few days in San Francisco and then it would be back to the black! But in the meantime, Reena had a few things planned. She had a small scar on her forehead - a reminder of the injury from just a few days ago. She was back on her feet and standing in the Transporter Room with the rest of the senior staff - Pavel's arm around her shoulders, as they had plans to go to their favorite resturant in Russian District. They'd had the time they needed when she was inrecovery to finally just catch up - Pavel often spurring off into math terms like they used to... Math as a language was fun because no one else understood it and it had made the nurses look at them funny.

    "We're next, I guess," she said looking around. This was actually something of a disappointment in some ways... she'd only been on board a few days and suddenly they were back on earth?
    Monday, May 11th, 2009
    1:43 pm
    The Enterprise's Replacement
    The shuttle had gotten in an hour earlier and it had taken her that long to go through the inception process. All the questions that had been asked had been clearly in her record - but Irina Kessler wasn't holding it against anyone. Procedure was procedure. And she had some big shoes to fill...

    And it wasn't that she took it lightly, but she knew that she had to get things moving. Her papers in her case, sitting on her shoulder, she made her way to the Captain's Ready Room like she'd been instructed by her advisor before she left. This wasn't a confusing set up but a group of ensigns had dragged her off her course. And she was only now getting back to where she needed to be.

    Spock speck the hour of the current star date and gracefully stood from his station, noting that it was time he meet Lieutenant Uhora’s replacement. He walked out of the bridge, peering out the windows as he traveled at the docking station below. He held his head high and his hands clasped loosely behind his back. Outside, the half-Vulcan’s stern, angular appearance accurately masked his inner guilt and turmoil for having lost the Enterprise’s best Lieutenant and his first true love. Just two nights before, he pleaded for Nyota Uhora to stay but she had explained that her recent absence from position was a combination of not being able to preform both physically and mentally. She had said she was unable to cope with Spock’s sporadic lack emotions and that she no longer wished to be romantically involved with him. She had not been feeling well and was going to be taking a short leave before requesting reassignment, away from the Enterprise. He couldn't agrue with that... it was logical for her to leave if she was feeling this way- if she thought her emotions jeopradized her work.

    Ironically, the second the automatic door hissed behind her, leaving Spock alone in the command room, he cried for the second time in his life (the first being when he lost his mother, family and friends in the destruction of his home planet.) All of the years studying human lore and trying to familiarize himself with his half of his culture, did not prepare him for the anguish he felt. Over and over he had read the term “broken heart” but it was not until now that he truly understood what it felt like.

    Regardless, Spock walked on with his head held high, ever-prepared for his duty, submerging himself in his work to ease his pain. Arriving a good fifteen minutes early in the captain's ready-room (just as he intended), the First Soldier patiently waited to meet the new Lieutenant in the discussed designated area. His angular eyes scanned over the crowd where he stood near the overlook, watching the young Star Fleet trainees bustling about to their respective stations. It was then the door opened and he turned to greet the Enterprise's newest recruit. But a young woman with bright red hair seemed to make her way over to him. At first he had overlooked her, assuming she was another one of the young trainees but then she stopped directly in front of him. He stared down at her with a pointed eyebrow raised, inquisitively waiting to hear what she had to say...
    Saturday, March 21st, 2009
    2:52 pm
    Is this Earth ...or is it Hell?
    The world had suddenly gone very, very cold. Angerona sat up on the black, cold pavement. She looked around, closing the light, breezy dress she was wearing around her neck and shivering. As she sat up her hair dragged a bit on the pavement, picking up some of the wet dirt that was strewn across the damp ground. She looked at the ends of her platinum blonde hair curiously, not seeming to be disgusted or phased by the tiny black peices now tangeled within it at all. She shook, crossing her arms over her chest and exhaled. She turned her head and watched the steam from her breath gently float upward and disappear. She exhaled again and waved her left hand through the mist as if trying to feel it. As her eyes followed the path of the heaven bound mist, then squinted as the glare of a street-light reflected in her icy blue gaze. She lifted the hand to sheild her eyes, noting how dark it was outside the rays of the streetlamps of the parking lot.

    Slowly she began to learn the workings of her body, the way the street felt beneath her bare feet, the harsh cold and sharp peices digging into her skin. She walked on curiously examining her surroundings as if encountering life for the very first time- though, she new this not to be true. Life was just... different now. Foreign, forgotten and long past.

    The woman passed down an ally-way stepping over garbage, cardboard boxes and what appeared to be a sleeping man in rags. She looked down at the man for a few moments, bending down toward him. She closed her eyes and prayed, gently placing a hand on his foot which was wearing a grey sneaker that had many wholes in it. Not much of the man could be seen. He was covered in newspaper from head to toe but she knew he was there. She felt it in her soul. She knelt down and prayed for him. Once her prayers were spoken, she stood and quietly walked passed him, undetected. Walking out onto the sidewalk she approached a busy street corner. Many people glanced at her, once then twice and she noted just how different she appeared from the citizens. They were clothed from head to toe and she was still wearing just a flowing white gown made of satin and silk.

    Two men approached her from behind. One grabbed her around the waist and pressed himself up against her, his breath smelling strongly of alcohol. "Ehhhh, sexy!! How much you charging?" he asked her as the other man laughed and tugged at her arm. Angerona gently slid out from his grasp, looking deeply confused and shaking her head. She said nothing but shook her head as if to deny him. She walked backward slowly and the two men watched. Suddenly, their faces turned to expressions of alarm. "Hey! WATCH OUT!!" the second man called to her gesturing toward something to her right. She turned just in time to be blinded by the bright white headlights of a thick metal truck struggling to brake. But alas, the heavy metal machine collided with the poor woman and she experienced the pain of the horrific crash from head to toe. Her head collided with the pavement to which she made contact back first. Three ribs were broken and peirced her lung. She spat up blood and stared terrified at the red liquid that marked her as a mortal. But what alarmed her most of all was the fact that she could no longer move her right wing.
    Thursday, February 9th, 2006
    1:17 am
    A Stern talk
    Rapheal had just gotton to the massive house he through his gloves on one of the many wood tables.and proceeded to walk up the stairs. His futur wife had been talking with that animal he knew it he just could not prove it.It filled him with rage. the carpet muffled his steps as he walked up the stairs to the room he shared with his soon to be wife.

    He just returned from a massacre he killed not only Lycans this evening but witches, warlocks,even a few Half angels who tried to protect them.He also killed one shapshifter but he was not important as far as Rapheal was concerened he was just in the way.

    he walked into the room going right into the bathroom washing the blood of his hands and cloths he waited for desdemona to come home he needed to alk to her he needed to stop her obesseion with her finding out somthing about him that he told her want true but was All true.

    he flipped his cell phone and called her again. no answer he slammed it on the sink and walked out with a tanktop,He walked over to her laptop and attempted to find her password.
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