December 2011

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December 17th, 2011

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She accepted the challenge.

She accepted the challenge. Professor Snape was meant to be a rather difficult teacher in that his level of tolerance for childish behavior outweighed even that of the strict (but motherly) Professor McGonagall. The class was a requirement but Evaline had yet to take it - she had focused much of her school career on mastering small charms and things that would be useful around her house. Living alone, it was of the utmost importance to Evaline that she learn as much as possible that would allow her to live safely (and happily) by herself.

Despite never having taken his class, Evaline HAD seen Professor Snape several times. He was often quiet with that cold, blank look on his face; and yet she could tell that somewhere in those dead eyes was a cluster of gears, constantly working on some ever-present problem to which he wanted to find a solution. It interested her, intrigued her. Evaline could never bring herself to speak to him, though, for she had nothing much to say. The 7th year always made it a point to only speak when necessary and, as she had no reason to speak to him, she just kept quiet.

Perhaps, in taking his class, she would get a chance to do so. Curiosity struck whenever she saw him and she longed for answers - who was Professor Snape; who was he REALLY? And what sort of amazing man lay just beyond his thick exterior?

"Snivelin' Evaline! Snivelin' Evaline!
All alone and on her own ag'in!
Waitin' for class to start,
so she can open her books ag'in!
So is the story of Snivelin' Evaline!" They broke down laughing, buckling under their own weight and holding their bellies on the floor. It was such an old song but one that they knew quite well. Muscle memory! That's what it was - when one does something so many times that eventually it becomes commonplace and one needn't think about it any longer.

... It was an awful song, really, and Evaline found herself casting her eyes away from the taunting peers and moving past them, stepping on one or two fingers on her way to the front, center seat of the Potions class. She liked to sit in the front - she could pay attention to the lecture and ignore everything else behind her. She didn't have to look over heads, watch her peers have fun with one another. No, Evaline could just... learn. Which is really what she did best.

She opened her notebook, prepared her quill, then folded her hands neatly on her lap and waited for the professor to begin.