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User: [info]tsavoritegarnet
Date: 2007-08-26 20:12
Subject: chocolate anyone?
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ETA: ok, I've got a dozen sets of truffles committed to so I'm not taking any more for now. I did start a community here to doccument making them -- it's [info]truffles, if anyone wants to see.

I don't write, I don't vid, I don't make pretty graphics. I posted a long bit on my journal about my house fire three years ago -- look there if you want to know about that, it was three years ago -- oops, it's flocked. Well, check with me if you care then.

I have a spouse who makes fresh chocolate. I have a couple references on line who've had it. He runs an internet business selling and teaching how to do it, although I'd rather not link that here -- and if you've run in to it please don't link it, my on line identity is separate from real life.

I'd like to offer up sets of chocolate truffles. One dozen truffles per bidder -- but there are catches.

I'd like to raise $15 to $20 per set, or more -- I've been caught before on this kind of thing (I'm still working on a $3 dr who scarf, although the delay is that it's heavy and my hands hurt like hell!). We'll be making them from cocoa beans through the finished chocolate, by hand and mailing them to you -- it's not like I'm going to buy Hershey's ready made.

You'd have to either provide me your mailing/UPS address or provide it to someone else who will give me theirs and then reship to you. I don't care which, but we've got to get them to you some how.

There's a little time delay, since it's fresh chocolate, we'll make however many sets we do as one batch. That means all bids are in, then we make them and ship them ideally, so the chocolate doesn't have much time to start going stale.

I can give references of who I've mailed to before and who I've sent chocolate to before (I can only think of two people right now on the chocolate). My only unfinished charity thing is the dang doctor who scarf which is the bane of my existance right now. I may have to go talk to my physical therapists about knitting heavy things at this rate!

So Chocolate Truffles Anyone?

Probably made with some sort of milk -- cow, goat or soy, (one of those, not one for each set) because you can make more of them with one batch of chocolate that way. Coated with cocoa. Twelve truffles per set. Not perfectly golf ball shaped because it's going to be my hands or spouse's hands or the kid's hands shaping them, unless Spouse wants to play with fancy molds. Everything is an experiment with him.

I'm not thinking they'll be filled with anything but chocolate, but if you want to bid high for special treatment, ask away. My email is in my user info, last looked. I'll mail anywhere, truffles aren't that heavy.

And I guess to make them a little more interesting I could set them aside like Set 1 "rolled in cocoa", Set 2 "rolled in sugar", Set 3 "Almonds inside", Set 4 "Marmalade inside" and like that. I'm not sure how many sets we can do -- it depends on response.

Who's got thoughts? Who's got bids? Who's got bids with questions or requests?

I've posted this on the Live Journal version of fire_fic already, but since it's here at IJ it seems like a good place to put it too. With six requests I'm going to have to stop taking bids soon.

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