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Oct. 30th, 2013


London, 1884. It's been just over 50 years since the supernatural were integrated into society. Queen Victoria sits the British throne. William Ewart Gladstone is Prime Minister. Steam is the power that runs the world.

ALCHEMISTS, INVENTORS, & MAD SCIENTISTS It's an age of technological advancement and we need the minds that drive it. Be they benign, ambitious, or just a bit off their rocker, The Royal Society of Natural Knowledge's doors are open, as long as they've got the properly cited research papers to prove it.

MAGICIANS & WITCHES Circus performers, craft instructors, business owners, or just mysteriously queer old vagabonds. Whether they're the most famous magician to ever levitate a beautiful assistant for a rapt audience or the stately old witch who sells love potions to gentry out of her tea shop.

SUPERNATURAL INVESTIGATORS Employees in the The Bureau of Unnatural Affairs, otherwise known as the supernatural Victorian CSI. Detectives, forensic specialists, mediums, or just menial pencil pushers.

CRIME BOSSES & AGENTS OF THE UNDERWORLD Vampires aren't the only ones who come alive at the night time. There might not be much honor among thieves, but in The Empire, there's at least solidarity -- provided you pay your taxes.

Apr. 22nd, 2013


Big Brothers Needed!

Hi, I'm Courtney and I'm looking for someone to play Zania's big brother, Justin, over at the [info]the_dome. Their family comes from old, southern money and owned a restaurant and a club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA. Both the restaurant and the club were high class compared to some of the surrounding attractions, catering to high profile clientele, but also facilitating drugs and gambling beneath the table. Zania's immediate family ran the night club, where drugs were sold. Zania's profile is at [info]brokendoll. I imagine Justin managed the club.

I'm also looking for Nic's big brothers, Damon and Sebastian, who are Zan and Justin's cousins. Their family ran the restaurant/gambling side of the business. Nic's profile is here: [info]bleedingheart. Damon and Sebastian's involvement is completely open for discussion.

No specifics on PBs, so long as they're age appropriate! Damon and Justin are 30 years old, and Sebastian is 27 years old.

Ping me on AIM at driftingdoll if you're interested, or reply here!

Apr. 16th, 2013


OC Friends Wanted

Hello! I play this guy here at [info]the_dome, an OC game that's post zombie-apocalypse. I'm looking for other teens that survived with him in the years proceeding his entry into the dome. Everything about them is completely open-- PBs, names, etc! The only prerequisite is that they knew him in middle school and have stuck with him the 4 years leading up till now. I'm all for various kinds of backstory!

Ping me if you're interested!

Aug. 7th, 2012


RRI - revolutionizing prison

We are just starting a new game! Calling all criminals and wrongfully accused characters! :) all info you need is on this journal, check us out and join up! game's starting as soon as we've got a few more characters to have in the mix! ^_^


Jul. 26th, 2012


Hi guys! So, I've got a hell of a lot of lines that I'd like to see filled, so bear with me while I list them all out. Oh, all of these lines are for a community called Pearson University over at this link.

At this journal here is Jenna Thomson. She's the Physics teacher at the university. She's incredibly smart and has absolutely no social skills. There are a bunch of lines in her journal that would be fun to have filled! :D Anyways her sister is in game at [info]parisabigail. The line that I'm reeeeeally interested in having filled for her, however, is the brother. He's 25 years old. We'd prefer a redhead (someone like Viggo Jonasson) or any other redheaded male you can come up with who looks the right age! However, the hair color is not set in stone and I'd be willing to discuss possible PB's. He's pretty much a clean slate, too, so you could do pretty much anything you wanted to do with him. He'd likely be an Inferiore, but it could be swung that he was a Superiore. Also, while growing up, both Jenna and her sister Paris were very intelligent (Jenna is MENSA-worthy, but hasn't taken the time to do what needs to be done) and are both very science-y. Jenna was distant while they were in school, so it's not implausible that the brother would be less intelligent and more creative or something. Really, he's an open book, these are just ideas to get your creative juices flowing! :D

At [info]rchatham, I have Rebecca Chatham who is a Senior Undergrad, 21 years old, and is a Food Science and Technology major. She loves to hunt and loves to do guyish things, though she's slowly being drawn towards the world of girls. I have two lines for her I would LOVE to have filled. Her siblings. One, Bradley Chatham who is 18, and the other Fiona Chatham, who is 20. Their ages are switchable, though! Anyways, I don't have anything about Fiona other than her name and age. Please, feel free to come to me with any ideas! :D Now, for Bradley. Their father treated Rebecca like the son he always wanted, which left Bradley spurned and left out of the hunting trips. I would really, REALLY love to get someone really macho for her brother who is always trying to prove himself to their father. I don't have any PB ideas for these two, but they're rather open to be anything! :D

At [info]wijennings, I have Dr. Isaac Jennings, the school's doctor and teacher of several medical classes. There are things about him that are...intriguing and can be found in his journal. He's very professional when at work, very flirtatious outside of work. Anyways, read more about him at his journal. The lines that I'd like to see filled for him are very specific. There are two people I would want brought in for him. One, is the man who broke his heart. With this line, the two had been working together and eventually Isaac fell in love. 2 years later, Isaac proposed to the man, only for the man to tell him that he'd been lying to him for the last two years about loving him. It broke Isaac's heart to hear that and turned him into a rather cold person. So yes. I'd love to have him brought in. The other line I'd like to have brought in is to have the person (man or woman) who really opened up Isaac to the world of kink. This could be the person who tried to turn him into a Sub or it could be the person who taught him to be a Dom. Again, I have no PB's in mind, but please feel free to talk to me! :D

And finally, at [info]aefisher, I have Arianna Fisher. She's a pretty good girl, a little bit of a flirt who likes to sleep with people, though she's always safe and uses both the pill and condoms. But that's besides the point. She's a bit of an attention whore and will do a lot of things for attention. For her, I'd love to see any kind of line you guys could come up with because she's a failing muse who just needs some love and attention! Any lines, any lines at all! :D

That's all folks! :D I can be reached at metroid0618 on AIM or If you IM me, just let me know that you're coming from here! :D

((x-posted....eventually. XD))

Aug. 25th, 2011


Hello, my name is Otto and I mod a new game called [info]meminisse here on IJ. Rather than potentially having my players spam the community in search of their wanted characters, I'm here with a round of adverts for the various characters we're trying to find!
This is Freddy. He's a sweetheart in search of someone to play his twin sister, Lucy. She's a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, little spit-fire of a girl whose taken care of her twin ever since they were kids and will punch anybody who doesn't treat him right. When he got disowned by their parents, she packed her bags and stormed out right by his side. Anybody interested can contact Otto here or at [info]freddivinity.
This is Jakab. Personally, he'd just as soon not have anyone around but, like it or not, he needs his adoptive sisters: Jeanne and Summer Crawford. Looks and characterization for the two of them is up to you. Only thing set is that they're blood-related to each other and they treat this asocial, emo kid like a brother. If you'd like to play either of them, you can talk to Otto here or at [info]burningbooks.
This is Alexei. He'd be interested in seeing either of his brothers, Xavier (aged 18 or 19) and Sasha (17), come into the game. Alex protected his younger siblings the best he could during a childhood of abuse but suddenly vanished from their lives about four years ago. Sound interesting? You can learn more and talk to Rose here or via e-mail, at notyourparade[at]gmail[dot]com.

Apr. 10th, 2011


Players Wanted!

Hi! I'm K, the mod at [info]thefield. We've been open a week now but interest has been slow. I'm hoping I can appeal a little bit more directly!

The Field: Abandoned Oasis is a alien planet survival game. Characters from all walks of life arrive with nothing but their PJs and their bedding. What follows is an experiment in tool making, building, cultivating and most important - socializing! What makes a tribe? What makes a tribe in some of the harshest conditions?

Add a healthy dose of danger and the unknown, threats and natural processes, and you have a tense and scary situation.

One of the great things about TF:AO is that it is customizable by the players. You get to let your imagination run wild when creating the plants and animals that live in the setting.

So check out the TAKEN AND HELD PBS to see if there is room for your favourite face.

Have a look at THE SETTING and just try to imagine it!

Glance at THE WANT ADS to see if anything sparks an idea.

And finally, APPLY! We can't wait to hear from you.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ping me on AIM @ thefieldmod or through the THE MOD DROPBOX. Thanks for your interest!

Jun. 20th, 2010


In Darkness - A panfandom

[info]in_darkness is seeking characters from a variety of fandoms.

Most wanted include:
The Covenant (Reid Garwin especially)
A Series of Unfortunate Events (our Violet would like a Klaus)
Pirates of the Caribbean (where's Jack Sparrow?)
Firefly/Serenity (Zoe and Wash and especially Simon)
Twilight and Harry Potter, we're open to just about anyone not taken
Star Trek (any version; we have TOS and the 09 Reboot so far) and Supernatural (we have no SPN characters. How is this possible?)

We are also open to OCs, provided a canon character is apped as well.

We are a fairly new game (just opened last week) but we have a solid base of active players, and we're definitely looking for more. It is a plot-centric panfandom, so there'll be things to react to on a weekly basis, give or take a few days. All relevant information is in the mod journal and feel free to ask any questions not covered already.

May. 22nd, 2010


Three Survivors Wanted!

Hi there! We're starting a storyline here at our game Epitaph and could really use three players! My boy, Scott, is currently holed up with three of his friends and could really use some other people to help scene with them!

On New Year's Eve, in various places around the world, these things called Loops went up, either around whole towns, or parts of cities. Scott, who'd been planning on running away, had gone out for a last hurrah with 11 of his friends. The loops came up, mass panic happened and a group of vampires went 'Yay! All you can eat buffet!' Over the past three months, their numbers have slowly dwindled to a group of four: Scott and his three friends.

Doors have been opening up in the loop places, and soon they'll be interconnected (and more places will be opening up), so you'll be able to travel around through these doorways. Scott and the guys are currently in Manchester, England. The game's base place is Marquette, Michigan, where most of the players are based, but we have people in Manhattan and the Stanley Hotel, so if you decide to join up, you can also create characters in other places to get a larger gaming experience.

The Friends As Follow )

If you're interested, please feel free to contact me via xphoenixrising at YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO JOIN THIS GAME!

Apr. 13th, 2010


intrigue, murder, war and madness...?

A Whisper of Darkness ([info]awod) is set in the world of GRR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.  

200 years after the end of the series, the game begins after the coronation of the young King Jaehaerys Targaryen. His father was assassinated and he nearly died as well but now it looks as if all may be quiet in Westeros... of course that's never the case. For more information you can check out the mod journal: [info]the_seven

We need a couple roles filled because come on, doesn't anyone love the Targaryens??

- The King's Uncle - blamed for his brother's death and forced to flee the city, he abandoned his daughter to the regents who took up rule in his stead. He joined with his nephew to help retake the throne and helps in the search for his brother's killers... but is he what he seems?

- The King's Cousin - Abandoned by her father and passed over for the crown because of the charges of treason against him and suspected madness, she survived the Regency nearly in isolation as the court went through its uphevals. She celebrated her cousin's return, but he too has chosen someone else to rule as his queen. Is she mad or prudently quiet? Is she merely biding her time? 

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