February 20th, 2023

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In The Tardis
A panfandom game
For years, the TARDIS traveled throughout time with her Doctor. Together, they visited many important events in time, met people and creatures from all walks of life, and had adventures worth telling stories about. And though the face of her Doctor changed from time to time, he was still hers, and she was happy to travel throughout space and time.

And then, one day, her Doctor was gone. How he disappeared, she did not know. He just vanished. Distraught, the TARDIS began to travel through space and time, searching for him. But no matter how hard she looked, she could not find him. So, she decided to use her powers in different ways. She began to pull people inside of her, hoping that one of them might be her Doctor.

But none of them were her Doctor. In fact, she began to pull people from different universes, universes with no Doctor at all. And the people that she has pulled that know the Doctor, none of them seem to know her Doctor. Even the ones that are the Doctor themselves. None of them are her.

So the TARDIS travels, to different times, universes, and worlds, searching for her Doctor. The people that she pulls from other universes are free to roam the TARDIS as they please, and explore these new times and universes, and face the challenges that come with them.

Will the TARDIS ever find what she is looking for? Will the people she's taken ever find their way home?

In The TARDIS is a panfandom game inspired by Doctor Who.