July 25th, 2021

[info]theotherdelgado in [info]find_players

For anyone out there that likes playing Original characters in fandom games I would love to see someone bring this girl's best marine buddy into [info]thebeaconmod. She's the younger sister of Melissa McCall and aunt to Scott McCall. Of course she also has a really good relationship with Stiles. For the friend I would like a female character that she bonded with because they were the only two females in their unit. As far as backstory goes; I was thinking that the reason she moved to Beacon Hills with Morgan is because she didn't have a family of her own to be with, so since they were so close she came with Morgan to Beacon Hills. But I am open to any other details and would love to discuss plot.

In addition I would also love to see a Kate Argent for my Chris. He needs his baby sister, so he can get one more crack at saving her.