November 13th, 2016

[info]lonescout in [info]find_players

[info]havenwood looking for the guy who brought her into the top-secret gov't branch devoted to tracking down and stopping supernatural serial killers, pb negotiable but Tim Roth a plus, her father - former psych prof, now retired, wife abandoned family after other daughter died

More Criminal Minds people in general would be <3 and plenty of other lines available!

[info]alovelykitty in [info]find_players

Hello, all! I am playing this guy here, Marek Bosko, over at Dead of Night, a Supernatural slave game with some brewing civil unrest. Marek is a Panther Shapeshifter. He has a unique family situation in that his father has two wives/mates. Marek has a full older brother from his mother and an older biracial half-brother from his father's second mate. I would really love to have the dynamic with the brothers come into play since things are going to start getting shaken up starting here soon.

The oldest, Henryk, is a lawyer. The middle child, David, is a cop. This is subject to change if you'd like, but I do have it written his family is big into Law Enforcement through the generations. The brothers are shifters, and Henryk would also have to be a panther, David could be any flavor of shifter.

He also has a slightly abusive/unhealthy-relationship-type ex-fiance named Basil (a male) who I'd love to see around for some tension. He doesn't have to be out and out bad, could very well just be a bad mix of their personalities and the environmental situations. Or he can be an outright ass as well.

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looking for a Joker for my Harley ([info]vexing) for psl fun times. the only catch is that I don't really SHIP them, I feel their relationship is messed up and want to explore that more. Also looking for anyone from Suicide Squad for friend-lines, or a Deadshot for a maybe more-than-friends line. Poison Ivy also welcome!

Also, wanting a Misfits line-- Simon/Alisha. Comfortable playing either character-- but I do have the journal [info]superhoodie waiting and ready.