June 1st, 2015

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This is going to be rather odd, but here goes nothing!

Hello, hello, I remember being in a very old RP over on livejournal several years ago, and it was basically based on children's books/tv shows/comics/films... As in picking up PBs for characters like Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh, Andy from Toy Story, Dora from Dora the Explore etc, in modern day like. College. Town? Even a college-town, idek.


Was wondering if anyone would be interested to RP in those things? (Maybe even open a community or game, even, if people are interested?) I don't have much experience with IJ, so anyone that is interested that know how to work IJ would be appreciated :D

(And characters that I would be interested in playing, if people are interested to RP with me, are: Dorothy Ann from Magic School Bus, Kailan from Ni Hao Kailan, and Susie Derkins from Calvin and Hobbes) .... Or, even, if there is an RP already like this, can someone show the way? hahahaha

Thanks for reading and sorry for the weird format and questions and awkward 8D;;

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X-Project - An X-Men Movieverse/Marvel RPG - Open for Applications

Game: X-Project
Genre: X-Men Movieverse on LJ
Newly Available Characters: BUTTERFLY, WICKED, JUSTICE and DJ

Want to play a superhero and have grand adventures? Or perhaps you prefer a school-based game with all the drama involved in growing up and learning your place in the world? CSI-type private investigations? Dark and gritty spy games? Romance and relationships? X-Project has it all!

Brief Description of your game: X-PROJECT is an X-Men Roleplaying Community on Livejournal inspired by the Marvel Movieverses. Combining the X-Men movieverses with the other existing Marvel properties, we use a combination of in-character journals and email/IM logs. There's a number of settings for a range of play, whatever your preference, and the slate has been wiped clean on all of our available and retired characters.

Link to Game Information/Application: Applications can be found here. Please read the previous history of the character before applying. A test log with the mods will usually be required, and we'll ask prospective players to communicate with players in the cases of significant relationships with a played character (eg: If you want to app Pietro Maximoff, you'll be asked to ping Wanda's player, to ensure continuity). See the FAQ on Applications for details.

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