September 28th, 2012

[info]_kyri in [info]find_players

I have a few different requests for different games I'm in... :)

[info]afreshmods -- AU trio-era, 1998, Potters et al. never died.
Would LOVE to see the other Gryffindor 7th years!  They're the year below the trio (who has since graduated).  I have Demelza Robins ([info]chaseher), and she definitely needs some more friends.

[info]hallowsmod -- Canon trio-era, 7th year school game.
I have Parvati Patil ([info]mayi), and she desperately needs her twin sister Padma Patil!

[info]hallowedmods -- AU trio-era, 8th year school game.
I have Hannah Abbott ([info]hann), who would love to see the other 8th year Hufflepuffs around!  Ernie MacMillian (Head Boy!), Zacharias Smith (Quidditch Captain!), Sally Ann Perks, Leanne Runcorn?

I'm also applying for Alice Longbottom over at [info]absentmod (MWPP-era, 1980, slightly AU), and would love to have a Frank Longbottom come along with me. 

[info]nothawkette in [info]find_players

Hi, I play several characters over at [info]newalliance (via [info]bat_mod). It is a DC/Marvel mash-up in a world where they've always been intertwined! Batman went to school with Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic. Black Canary and Iceman are cousins! It's all sorts of mash-up fun.

For my character Linda Park ([info]plinda), I'm looking for THE FLASH Barry, Wally, or both. They'd be greatly appreciated by Bart, Hal, Ollie, Dick, Roy, and all The Rogues as well. You'd just come in with all the lines, okay? We just got a QUICKSILVER in game and already have a SPEED, so some speedster family rivalry?

As for Linda/Wally's relationship, that would be up to the player, but she's currently Bart's only legal guardian.

For my character Kate Bishop ([info]nothawkette), who is part of the TEEN TITANS, I'm looking to have a VICTOR MANCHA & JAIME REYES to join their team! Jaime would get extra lines of possible mentorship with Ted Kord!

More wanted characters can be found here.