September 23rd, 2012

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Teen wolf cast (we have Tyler), Glee cast (we have Mark), Twilight cast, True Blood cast, Supernatural cast and everyone else are all very much wanted and invited to join Goulburn a brand new, supernatural prison community on Livejournal. If you like supernatural and dark lines, come over and check us out!

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Wanted: Love Interest Storyline

The first person who tells me that men aren't pigs is going to get punched in the face by yours truly.
-Mallorie Swafford
Perhaps not all men are pigs, Mallorie. You never know when one might surprise you...

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R R Initiative


No bars. No guards.

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Something bad happened, didn’t it? Maybe you wanted it to, or maybe it cracked your world in two and left you standing there, watching what was left bleed out on the ground. Maybe you just got caught. That’s that first step to the Facility, your bad damned luck that got you put away.

How’d you like being a prisoner? Being forgotten? Don’t tell me you were one of the ‘famous’ ones. Maybe got a book or two about you and what you did? The internet loves you? That’s cute. You’re still in a pen, waiting for the clock to roll around and shave off the years the rest of the world says you owe.

So if they’d bothered to ask you to join, instead of blindfolding you and dragging you here, would you have said yes? Sure looks better than where you were, how many co-ed prisons do you hear about? Good food, private rooms, no guards, and every now and then the people watching you send word. Yeah, they’re watching you. Testing too.

Stay sharp, you’re not alone in here. Maybe you’ve heard of some of the others in that prison-famous way, maybe they’re just normal people who got lost. Maybe you shouldn’t ever give them your back. No one seems to know why you're all here yet, but someone might. And that's why you should be ready.

Welcome to the RRI, fish. Try to keep up.

RRI is a recently-opened OC game seeking active, dynamic players with a focus on telling strong, character-driven stories. Come join an active, friendly new RP today! We have created a game environment we hope brings a unique experience to our players, as the direction the game takes will be based entirely on how the players decide to proceed in game!

Sign up today for a rich writing community and help shape the story!