July 2nd, 2012

[info]cactuspear in [info]find_players

Older Brother!

Hey Everyone! I'm looking for someone to fill an older brother line for my character Cat, [info]cactuspear. I play him at my post-apocalyptic game The Violet Hour RPG. I've bulleted his info to make things easier. Please feel free to ask any questions and plot with me! :) Thanks!

Name/Who: Mazatl "Maz" Xochipill, [info]cactuspear's older brother.
Gender/Age: M/25
PB: Gael Garcia Bernal
Tribe: The Aesir
Details: Cat's older brother, and not as accepting of his heritage as Cat. He's gone from Eagle Nest six weeks out of the year at least to travel, trade and gather information. He's the Aesir's diplomatic rep.
Wanted By/Contact: Sara! AIM: rubycolideoscope Y!M:deisara.chan EMAIL:porcelainxtears@hotmail.com