May 15th, 2012

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Love Glee? Love role playing? [info]wmhigh just might be the group PSL for you! Our writers are all active, friendly, chat on aim, comment, participate in group chats & activities and scene regularly.

Currently we are looking for: Sam Evans, Mike Chang, Will Schuester, The Warblers (Nick, Thad, David, Flint), Emma Pillsbury, David Martinez, Chandler Kiehl, David Karofsky and more. Interested? Click here. We would love to have you!

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Whilst I'm online at this hour and drawin'; is anyone interested in playing a male or female OC domestic servant, for my Barry Hatch to get up to mischief with, while Reaver's out and about? For [info]bone_orchard , all the essential information is linked in the profile. =D Reaver is also available for the taking, 'course. Send me an IM at bythemoonsofmer, on AIM. Serious/dedicated people only, please.

X-posted, sorry guys!

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X-Project: An X-Men Movieverse RPG on Livejournal

Game: X-Project
Genre: X-Men Movieverse on LJ
Available Characters: MONET, COLOSSUS, BEAST, X-23, WOLFCUB, ICEMAN and more!

Want to play a superhero and have grand adventures? Or perhaps you prefer a school-based game with all the drama involved in growing up and learning your place in the world? CSI-type private investigations? Dark and gritty spy games? Romance and relationships? X-Project has it all!

Brief Description of your game: X-Project is an X-Men movieverse RPG on Livejournal. Set after X2, we've been running since May 2003 and use a combination of in-character journals and email/IM logs. There's a number of settings for a range of play, whatever your preference, and while we accept new characters we strongly encourage people to adopt one of our orphans.

Link to Game Information/Application: Applications can be found here. Please read the previous history of the character before applying. A test log with the mods will usually be required, and we'll ask prospective players to communicate with players in the cases of significant relationships with a played character (eg: If you want to app Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, you'll be asked to ping Jean-Paul's player, to ensure continuity). See the FAQ on Applications for details.

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