May 11th, 2012

[info]peacefulcohabit in [info]find_players

I'm Jay and play Charles Xavier. I'm in need of an Erik/Magneto for the Marvel Tumblr Masterlist. Timelines in the game are fluid, so he can be pulled from any point in filmverse or comicverse. I'm willing to play friendship or slash, and against both old or young Magneto. Their story is compelling no matter what, really. You're also wanted by Scarlet Witch and several other players.

Quicksilver? You too are desperately wanted by no less than 5 players..

Deadpool desperately wants a Punisher to knock him around, because sometimes, someone just has to.

Tommy Shepherd (Speed) is seeking Pietro and Vision (Vizh) for the House of M plot. Anyone from the Maximoff family (Luna Maximoff, Lorna Dane) and anymore Young Avengers (Eli Bradley, Jonas Vision, Nate Richards).

Teddy Altman is seeking a Captain Marvel.

For simplicity's sake, I've put a dropbox in this journal, but please feel free to utilize my Ask or that of the Mods.