May 2nd, 2012

[info]cheeseandwhine in [info]find_players

Oodles and oodles of roles and lines open and wanted at [info]wolfies. Very active, friendly werewolf comm!

We especially want hunters and some older wolves, maybe a couple of authority-type figures... more humans, of course... and I'd love some younger muses to play baby-wolves--- I play a teenage girl and it'd be great to have some pups her own age to run around with and socialize, maybe even an awkward adolescent crush line?

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Love Glee? Love role playing? [info]wmhigh just might be the group PSL for you! Our writers are all active, friendly, chat on aim, comment, participate in group chats & activities and scene regularly.

Currently we are looking for: Joe Hart, Mike Chang, Will Schuester, The Warblers (Nick, Thad, David, Flint), Emma Pillsbury, David Martinez, Chandler Kiehl, David Karofsky and more. Interested? Click here. We would love to have you!

[info]clauds in [info]find_players

These characters are currently really wanted by various players (including myself) at the very welcoming and fun pan-fan comm [info]f_rogers!
Yusuf - Inception
Ariadne, Arthur, and Eames, are in in the game. All of them would love to have one more piece of the puzzle that is the awesomeness of the Inception team. Eames needs his friend around to be his cat-loving self, too, to balance out Eames' anti-cat sentiments.
Robert Fischer - Inception
Ariadne, Arthur, and Eames are in the game. Having him around would provide for some fun tension. Ariadne is also extremely curious he turned out, considering what happened to the first person who had Inception performed on them. Robert has the personality potential for so much more than an expensive wallet fixation. He could develop and flourish.
Sam Evans - Glee
We have a Blaine, Kurt, Finn, and Rachel in the game. They would love to have more Glee people about, and not just for the dance number potentials.
Angela Montenegro - Bones
Lance is in game and would really like to have some people from back home around. Angela would be a great fit. There are a variety of personalities and a number of people about who enjoy art. She would have a lot of interaction potential if she'd wish such.
Andrea - Walking Dead
Daryl is from a point before Andrea shot him, so he wouldn't really have a grudge to know to hold. In short, Daryl's player would really like to have an Andrea around! She'd be an interesting personality to see adjust to a relatively "normal" existence. (Or an existence without walkers, at least.)
Leonard Hofstadter - The Big Bang Theory
Penny and Sheldon would enjoy having Leonard around. Penny would like the option of exploring their relationship and seeing if it could work out without Wil Wheaton on the same planet. Sheldon is getting more crazy by the day (even if his mother did have him tested originally) and could use a roommate who understands the roommate agreement. Plus, there are characters around that a geek would dream to meet.
Amy Farrah Fowler - The Big Bang Theory
Penny and Sheldon are both already in game. Penny needs her "bestie" and Sheldon needs Amy around, period. Someone to discuss the perplexing issues around the castle (and to potentially lure him out of his hiding spot in his room) would be superb. Plus, how can you beat the awkwardness that is Shamy?
Steve Jinks - Warehouse 13
Claudia needs Steve around. She needs him to be okay. She needs him there. Someone needs to keep Claudia in line (most recently, she sent a virus to a number of people's phones and changed their ringtones to irritating noises & the Cookie Monster theme song) and a few people want to meet Steve, too, from reputation alone.
Link - Legend of Zelda
Navi is in the game, incarnate, in human form! She's not used to her human form quite yet but she's getting along. All the same, she would really like to have Link around. (Though it's worth noting she's still a pain.)