January 18th, 2011

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New Frontiers: a nu!Trek rpg

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Oh Marvelous: A Marvel Universe Game

Hi, I'm the mod at [info]oh_marvelous. We are a resilient social AU Marvel RPG with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly players. The game is 18+, thread based, third person and is played in real time. Oh Marvelous is primarily set in present day New York City. Plot is mostly player driven. The player-created universe of Oh Marvelous does not follow any set timeline or particular Marvel continuity.

At the moment we are desperately need of X-Men and mutants for Xavier's school. Both have just come under the leadership of Moira MacTaggert and as of right now our only characters associated with the school and the X-Men are Husk and Jean Grey (and of course, Moira). Any X-Men related character of any age is welcome as a teacher or student or team member. We'd especially love primary characters (like Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, etc). Anyone you can think of really.

We're also in need of the men of the Fantastic Four. We have a Susan Storm but no Reed, Johnny, or Ben.

Villains would also be incredibly useful. HYDRA villains or Brotherhood members. There are openings too, if anyone reads Secret Warriors, for characters in Nick Fury's caterpillar team (we have a Daisy and an Alex).

Links: [info]oh_marvelous, [info]oh_marvelousnet, [info]oh_marvelousooc, Site Map.