May 23rd, 2010

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Hi! I'm from Bright Light City, a panfandom set in Las Vegas. We're searching for players for a few fandoms! Dead characters can be rezz'ed in the game, so anything really goes.

LOST currently has Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Juliet, Hurley, Sayid, Shannon, Jacob, Ben Linus, Ethan Rom, Man In Black (for real), Ana Lucia, Charlie, Claire, Miles, Desmond, and Alex Rousseau. For real. We'd love a Boone, Faraday, Charlotte ... pretty much anyone that isn't already listed would be awesome to have!

Veronica Mars currently has a Veronica, Logan, Piz, Mac, Cassidy, Keith Mars, and Lilly Kane. We'd love a Wallace, Weevil, and Dick.

Glee currently has a Puck, Finn, Quinn, and Rachel. Pretty much any of the other characters would be welcome.

True Blood currently has a Godric, Pam, and Sookie. We would love love love an Eric, and anyone else from the show.

PM me if you have any questions!

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Attention DC, Harry Potter and LotR RPers!!!

I'm seeking a couple specific characters over at [info]brightlightcity, which is a Panfandom game set in Las Vegas, and was hoping to get some results here.

For DC, I'm seeking a Comicverse Superman! We've currently got a Smallville Clark, but I'd love a Comicverse Superman because I play Superboy and he'd love to have the Clark that he knows and who knows him.

More Teen Titans would be great too! We've got a Tim, which Kon is very happy about. And a Bart, even though he's Smallville Bart. Other characters we'd love to see are Wonder Girl, Raven, Starfire, etc. Also Tim would probably love a Nightwing and loathe a Damian, but it'd be fun to have him too. lol.

For Harry Potter, I'd like to see a Pansy Parkinson, aged around sixteen. Draco comes from HBP and is the youngest of the HP characters at the moment. Everyone else is from the future. Other Slytherins would be awesome too. Also Rodolphus Lestrange. Bellatrix comes from the early seventies, before they were married.

And lastly for Lord of the Rings, I'd love to find an Aragorn for Legolas. He's still pretty out of his element, but is adjusting well. However, it'd be nice to have a familar face aroudn and perhaps it could lead to more.

True Blood and Vampire Diaries characters would be awesome too!

If anyone is interested and has any questions, PM me or im me at AylaRanzz.

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Past The Surface : A True Blood Writing Group

past the surface ;; a true blood writing group


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Group PSL [info]thevampdiaries

Hello! I recently joined a group PSL [info]thevampdiaries with Jenna Sommers. Jenna is seriously in need of some of the adults around. So far most the kids have been casted, and well she could use some people closer to her age to talk to!

The group has a great start with some awesome people and great characters… However we could really use Alaric Saltzmann, Matt Donovan, John Gilbert, and <>i>Logan ScumFell</i>. The game is based on the TV series right after the 3rd Episode, so everyone is alive (well Mr. Tanner isn't) and ready for playing!

The game isn't sticking to exactly what happened in the show, we're taking it AU, so Alaric and John are welcome to pop up right away and show up a lot earlier - which would be really fun and interesting. If you want to talk more about it - feel free to comment here or leave a comment on her ooh contact page

Hope to see you there!

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Spymoria: A Chuck PSL

[info]spymoria is a Chuck-based PSL that will be starting around mid-June and picking up post-season three.

So far, we have the following characters: John Casey, Sarah Walker, Bryce Larkin (not an accountant), Daniel Shaw, Ellie Woodcomb, Jeff Barnes and Lester Patel.

However, we're still missing some key characters that we'd love to have in the game!
Chuck Bartowski: You can't have a Chuck game without Chuck. The game's looking for someone extremely dedicated to writing the character (since he is so important).
Morgan Grimes: Morgan's also pretty central to the game, especially considering recent events on the show. And we'd love to have a Morgan who can capture his lovable dorkiness.
Captain Awesome: Someone's gotta play Awesome! And I'm sure our Ellie wants her husband around!

Other characters that we'd also like to have as either PCs or NPCs are: Big Mike, Anna, Orion, Beckman, etc.

PM [info]spymoria for more details!

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More than just a university...

There's a supernatural world out there that some people just refuse to accept. So they segregate them, banish them to their own schools, churches, restaurants... But just like humans, they need an education.

Alden University accepts supernatural students of all kinds. And even though supernaturals aren't accepted in human schools, humans are accepted at Alden. Even at a discounted price. It is the hope of Alden's dean, Henry Alden, that co-mingling will bring about a brighter future.

But for now, students are thriving at Alden University. Are you brave enough to join them?