May 15th, 2010

[info]acomplexguy in [info]find_players

Hi everyone! I'm from Bright Light City, a panfandom set in Las Vegas, and we're looking for LOST members! In the game dead characters can come back to life, so there's a huge variety of possibilities for any LOST fans there. Right now we have Sawyer, Juliet, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Ana Lucia, Alex Rousseau, Ben, Richard, Ethan Rom, Claire, Jacob and the Man In Black. We would absolutely love any of the other characters dead or alive from the show!

PM me if you have any questions, but check out the game if you're interested in some LOST goodness!

[info]leichenhallen in [info]find_players

looking for PLS

A good Bill Kaulitz for my Bushido.
A Tom for my Bill. And maybe a Bushido for him as well, will consider this.

I want someone that can do sci-fi/fantasy as well as real life.
Someone who is around a lot but doesn't mind how long a post takes. Because it depends on whats going on to how fast I post. Normally I can do a BIG post within a couple of minutes.

I don't want anyone that feels they have a right to hate complete strangers because of their RACE, BELIEFS or SEXUAL ORIENTATION. If I find this, I will block you right away; it doesn't bother me if you think your excuse it good enough. Haters suck.

I am also looking to do a SLASH line with the DOCTOR (DOCTOR WHO), please, please contact me if you're interested, I don't bite (unless asked ;D )

SO looking for:


and also someone to play against my Izzy Hilton!

Live, Love and Roleplay.