October 29th, 2009

[info]jstn_sunshine in [info]find_players

Looking for a Brian Kinney

Character you will be playing: Justin Taylor (Queer as Folk)
Character Wanted: Brian Kinney
Storyline: You wake up alone in the bedroom of a lavish penthouse apartment. A quick glance around the room will tell you that you are here with nothing but the clothes on your back and anything you might have had in your pockets. You feel a slight discomfort on the inside of your left wrist and upon inspection you see a small tattoo of a barcode that you don't remember getting and the red skin assures you it is very much a real tattoo.

You move into the large living and kitchen area and the floor to ceiling windows give you a familiar sight, the Las Vegas strip. You turn your attention to the counter separating the living room and kitchen where a laptop computer sits, a word document open on screen. A black Amex with your name on it sits beside it on top of a brand new blackberry.

Welcome to Las Vegas!
We here at Zenner Corp imagine you must have many questions regarding your arrival here. Don't fear, these questions will be addressed when the time is right. For now please just enjoy yourself at our expense. The only thing we ask in return is that you do not leave the city, you are here for a reason and you will be needed.

We have provided you and the others like you with a private message board system, please use it as you see fit.

And remember; what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Screen Name: Any questions can be sent to AylaRanzz on aim. You can also email me at AylaRanzz@aol.com if I'm not on aim.
Is it for a RP community (if so, which one) or is it a PSL?: [info]brightlightcity
Timezone State/Country: Well I'm in the East Coast
Any other information you feel is important: It’s multi-fandom. I’ve taken Justin from the end of Queer as Folk, his bio is on his journal for more info. Must be ok rping smut ;) I think that would be a given with them though.

[info]aylaranzz in [info]find_players

Looking for a few characters

Character you will be playing: Percy Weasley and James Sirius Potter
Character Wanted: Looking for a couple specific characters for an upcoming plot. Ron Weasley, Bill Weasley, Hugo Weasley, Neville and Hannah Longbottom, Longbottom kids and Werewolves (Can be canon or OC). Also still looking for Percy's daughter Lucy (See his app for age), his ex-wife Audrey and James is looking for his sister Lily and cousins.
Storyline: The year is 2019, it's been twenty-one years since the Battle of Hogwarts when Harry Potter defeated The Dark Lord. Life has gone back to normal for the survivors; if being a Wizard was normal to begin with. But then again has life really gone back to normal for everyone? The Trio and their friends have children of their own now. Have they taken after their parents? Are they the complete opposite? It's now their turn to create their own stories.

Now that Voldy is out of the picture, the Werewolves are ready to make a comeback. They're no longer Voldy's lapdogs and want some power of their own. Greyback however, just wants revenge.

Screen Name or Livejournal account: Any questions can be sent to AylaRanzz on aim. You can also email me at AylaRanzz@aol.com if I'm not on aim.
Is it for a RP community (if so, which one) or is it a PSL?: Act 3 ~ A Next Gen Harry Potter RPG
Timezone State/Country: Well I'm in the East Coast
Any other information you feel is important: We're open now!!

[info]arevolvingworld in [info]find_players

Hi guys! I'm Alex and I'm after a few roles in a few games of mine.

[info]trickstersrealm is a Tamora Pierce roleplay that encompasses all of her novels. The Trickster God's are placing people from all different times into this new realm. We would love to have the following

- Rodger of Conte
- Thom of Trebond
- Queen Thayet
- George Cooper
- Myle Olay
- Sandralin
- Thom Cooper
- Alianne Cooper
- Alan Cooper
- Nawat

First of all [info]thesandsoftime an AU Sixth-Year game where there are timetravelers from 1980 appearing I play Lucius Malfoy and would love to see the following

- Narcissa Malfoy (both 1996 and 1980)
- Draco Malfoy
- Avery (1980/1996)
- Severus Snape (1980/1996)
- Evan Rosier (1980)
- Death Eaters in general would be awesome too

Second [info]gilded_court is an AU game set in 2003 and is based around the idea that the Malfoy's rule both the Magical and Muggle Communities. I play Lucius Malfoy and Blaise Zabini

- Alice and Frank Longbottom- they're next in line for the throne after the Malfoy's
- Rabastan Lestrange
- Evan Rosier
- Tracey Davis
- Antonin Dolohov
- Nobles in general and friends for Blaise from Slytherin

Third [info]a_new_life is an 5th year Marauder's game where Severus has survived the final battle and travelled back to the beginning of his fifth year to change everything for the better. As a mod I would love to see

- ADULTS especially Death Eaters (I play Lucius)
- The Prewett Twins*
- Marlene McKinnon*
- Mulciber, Yaxley and Avery for our Severus
- More fourth, sixth and seventh years

[info]lockewood is an AU Multi-Era game where Rita Skeeter is pulling people from all different times into an AU world. I play Helena Ravenclaw, Lucius Malfoy and Orion Black

- The Bloody Baron would be awesome
- Astra and Abraxas Malfoy (Lucius' parents)- Abraxas abused both Astra and Lucius and ended up killing Astra when Lucius was six
- Bellatrix Lestrange
- Rodolphus Lestrange
- Druella Black
- Cygnus Black
- Walburga Black
- Lucretia Black

Finally [info]othersiderpg is where the 78 and 98 classes are stranded in an AU world were Bellatrix is the Dark Lady and Tom Riddle her right-hand-man. I play Narcissa Malfoy there and would love the following

- Lucius Malfoy and Dopple!Malfoy (Dopple's are from the AU world orginally)
- Dopple!Narcissa
- Andromeda Tonks/Dopple!Andromeda
- Dopple!Draco
- Evan Rosier/Dopple!Evan
- Severus Snape/!Dopple Severus- Draco would love you too.
- Pansy Parkinson (she's Narcissa' pseudo daughter or Cissa likes to think)

Thanks heaps guys :)