June 1st, 2009

[info]teh_muses in [info]find_players

Hey everyone!

I am here looking for muses to play with!

Any boys from the move Fanboys want to come out and play with [info]spunky_fangirlZoe @ [info]_ravenhurst_! Would love LOVE Hutch for her to fight with!

Is there a Kirk or Spock muses out there for [info]lt_nyota_uhura Uhura to interact with @ [info]_ravenhurst_ Would love either one or both! It would be awesome to have a Kirk to hit on her and the town is smack full of girl, it would be such a playground for him.

Last, but not least, any Peanuts characters for [info]listen_to_me Lucy to yell at @ [info]_ravenhurst_

[info]tudorcourtmods in [info]find_players


The year is 1525, King Henry VIII is on the throne of England, Catherine of Aragon is Queen, and the religion of the land is Catholisim. It is a time of peace but neighboring monarchs are always eager for the glory of war. The winds of change are blowing through Europe; the Renaissance is sweeping from Italy northward, the Reformation sweeping outward from Germany. Though England has thus far managed to escape the most radical movements that come with them, she won't be able to stay unchanged forever.

We are slowly getting more people, but we need even more! PLEASE check us out at [info]tudorcourt and hopefully someone you want to play is still available. We still have quite a few characters we need before the game can open. We'd like to open as soon as possible, so the sooner you can send us your application the better. Then we can get the game started, but we can't do that until we get a few more plays so...CHECK US OUT