May 22nd, 2009

[info]ex_drwho263 in [info]find_players

First, I am posting here because I am looking for players. I am also willing to make the game to what MOST what the players want. Think as a meal your ordering. We will try to serve what your looking by adding who want to be part of it.

So onto my original post!

Hya, a friend and me want to start a Doctor Who/Torchwood game or something. We are looking for people who will be interested. We got a Tenth Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness. We would like to see who’s interested and we see where we can go from there. I want to make it simple and it be fun. Of course it be unique and contact me at AIM ExileTimeLord, or comment me, or pm or and title interested in Doctor Who game or I delete it as Spam. Okay!

Good! Will be looking forward to hear from you!

(I hope this will make things easy for everyone)

We will be open mind here. Thanks