May 21st, 2009

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Hi! I'm Pickle, mod of Disappear!, an original character Persona RP set in the fictional city of Iburi which is in the significantly less fictional island of Hokkaido!

All info can be found at the mod journal - [info]diappearedmods

We're fairly new in about a weeks or so we'll hopefully be doing our first dungeon crawl. Thing is, we're missing a 'support' character. Players of Persona 4 might understand when I describe it as Rise's role. There's another character who can take over this role temporarily if need be but it'd be nice to have a dedicated one.

That's the main thing we need. Another character, [info]daioujou, would like a character who would have been best friends with his in the time before game. His request can be found here.

Thanks for your time!

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Claire Bennet (HEROES), Wolverine (X-MEN), Saber-toothed (X-MEN) and some vampires (FROM ANYWHERE), are all wanted/needed at Day Zero!


All information can be found HERE