April 26th, 2009

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My game just lost their Sam Winchester.  Dean, Madison and Jo would love to have him around, especially Dean and Madison.  I happen to be a mod on this community, but I am also very picky about Sam.  I have to feel comfortable with the person who will be rping him since I rp Dean and Madison, and both characters will have a lot of involvement and threads together. 

Sam can come from any season and any point, it has nothing to do with Dean or Maddie.   And I'm doing this because I love Supernatural and the Winchester boys.

Some important facts are:
-The game is a multi-fandom game
-No Wincest (Dean has a thing for Batgirl)
-I'm leaning towards some Sam/Madison action as well as some good brotherly bonding (hunts, banter, etc)

Comment here or IM me on AIM: KAZ 2Y5 Dean W