April 3rd, 2009

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Game: Deceptive Perception ([info]deceptpercep)
Genre: Original Dark Fantasy; Any rating you can imagine; All scenes from the graphic to the fluffy acceptable; Vampires, demons, werewolves therianthropes, and humans.

Wanted: Carmine Bugiardini
For Whom?: His wife, Zahira Bugiardini ([info]zahira)
Suggested Age: Mid- to late-sixties (probably drawing awfully close to middle-aged for a therianthrope)
Suggested PB: Someone of Italian descent or who passes for a mobster who is just starting to get up in his years? Robert Downey, Jr?
Suggested Species: Therianthrope of some kind.
Faction: General Population (none) though the mod has expressed an interest in having a large crime family.
Potential Plot Lines?: Carmine Bugiardini is a head-honcho in one of Silver City's biggest and best crime families (The Inora Syndicate). This itself grants loads of potential plot lines simply because Carmine is a very powerful, very deceitful man. Also, he is married to Zahira who is a djinn. She likes to keep tabs on him and is constantly accusing him of something. She may interfere with his mobby-plotses and might have to be protected by Carmine because of it? Carmine also has the potential to be plotting with any of the bigger factions. Maybe he's cutting deals with the Gunslingers to keep them at bay? Or maybe he's plotting with the Drakes?
Anything Else?: Zahira was recently shot inside the strip club that she works at, Tin Star, and it may have been a plot to kill of the trophy wife of one if the Syndicate's higher-ups or it may have been a hit issued by members of the Kurosawa family for something Carmine may have done.

Wanted: Members of the Inora Syndicate (The Bugiardini & Kurosawa Crime Families)
For Whom?: The Moderator and [info]zahira
Suggested Age: Any.
Suggested PB: Italian & Asian PBs
Suggested Species: Any though it has been made clear that the Bugiardini's are therianthropes.
Faction: General Population though once enough members of the family are together, they will get their on faction on the taken page.
Potential Plot Lines?: Any and all criminal activities - stirring up trouble, racketeering, pimping, and anything else that is somewhat off-color. The syndicate may or may not be involved in the fairy/drug trade though they are definitely involved in high-dollar activities.
Anything Else?: The Inora Syndicate is a joint effort between the Bugiardini and Kurosawa crime families. In order to stop the vicious and bloody feud between them, the two families sealed a truce in marriage. Several members offered their daughters and sons in union in order to bring them both together as the strongest criminal element in Inora.

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I'm looking for is someone that I can collaborate with as far as lines and ideas go and possibly join a community with as either a Half-Human Meta-Crisis Doctor or Tenth Doctor. Someone that is into the fandom. If interested please reply or PM. Thank you.