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[13 Oct 2021|08:32pm]
looking to bring back a character based in the fallout universe. surgeon, off-and-on recovering jet addict that has, for most o his life, been able to kind of hide it. found a few I liked, but all of their images have them clean-cut and seven. the character is in his late twenties/early thirties. I'm wiling to change everything else because small physical features like hair/eye color ad ethnicity, at least in the fo-universe, were irrelevant to his character.
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[13 Oct 2021|09:13pm]
Bringing back to life an old OC but needs a face refresh.

So ideas for a 16-25 year old woman that escaped a cult? A plus if she has a blood or onscreen brother for photos.

Last face was Firefly era Summer Glau.

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