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[Mar. 3rd, 2024|11:24 am]

Good day, one and all! I'm currently looking for a few rather light, even fluffy fandom PSLs in the following settings:
  • Pokemon
  • Dragon Ball Z/Super

My OOC info and further details about those interests--as well as some other cravings--are viewable in my journal. If interested, feel free to Comment here or in my journal's Contact Me page (screened either way)!

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[Dec. 3rd, 2023|12:56 am]

Looking for someone who's up for angsty romance with a side of smut and fluff. Have a few ideas in mind with varying levels of angst. Would love an Oscar Isaac and/or Pedro Pascal (and yes, one of the ideas is a poly line). More details in the journal. Comment there if interested.

[Oct. 13th, 2023|02:49 pm]
New community opening at [info]emeraldobscura. Lots of opportunities for fresh lines in this slice of life PB game!
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[Sep. 29th, 2023|09:46 pm]

Been a while but I would love to get back into playing again. I was looking for something playing any of the following:

Regulus against Remus - I would love to play Regulus trying to console Remus after the Shrieking Shack incident. I also have a female version of Regulus if that also seems interesting.

An Original Hunger Games line with a Tribute and their Mentor. If curious I have a write up of something more in-depth for that. She has her own journal here.

There is also a multiple character line set in the Mass Effect verse about a ship of scoundrels I would love to work out with someone. It is a concept from years ago that never got off the ground.

Twisted fairy tales and ideas for other things are also welcome, just ask.
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[Jul. 31st, 2023|08:46 pm]

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[Jul. 27th, 2023|07:09 pm]

I'm seeking Rose DeWitt Bukater or anyone from Titanic really. I'd even be willing to write with original characters in the Titanic fandom.

I write Jack AU where he never died and have several different ideas for how he could have survived.

I write at least 3 paragraphs and am willing to banter, thread or even RP on discord.

If anyone is interested reply to this and we can discuss further.
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X-Posted [Jul. 15th, 2023|09:31 pm]

Looking for a writing-centric PSL. Darker supernatural preferred. Some line ideas are here to get things started, but I'm flexible and more than willing to brainstorm.

Discord / IJ / Gdocs preferred!
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[May. 14th, 2023|08:26 pm]

Looking for a seasoned necromancer to help her unlock her family's lost magic. They would be a mentor that could develop into more as time goes on. There's more details available in my journal. Betrayal and darker themes could come up if we mesh well and enjoy writing together.
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[May. 13th, 2023|10:43 am]

In search of some lines for Jay Halstead. I would love to find a Hailey Upton to write some storylines with. I have an idea based off the latest episode of Chicago PD and would love write it out with a Hailey.

Also I write Jay AU after episode 10x03.

If anyone would be interested in plotting and writing together either respond to this or message me.

I will accept other One Chicago characters too.
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GPSL? [Apr. 7th, 2023|03:59 pm]

I recently left an amazing game because I realized I had bitten off more than I can chew. Looking for a low-key PSL-style thing, or even a small GPSL with some good plot and character building. Just know real-life must always come first, so I might be a bit slow from time to time. I got an idea after watching Dungeons and Dragons that might be interested, but my specialty is Doctor Who and Marvel junk.

Hit me up if you want to hear me out or got some ideas yourself. Characters are here
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[Mar. 14th, 2023|01:49 pm]

hi there!♡ i'm an old school rper, and i have been playing stranger things for years, including max here. i've decided to bring her to ij.

i am looking to play some lines with an aged up max with pretty much anyone. i'd really like to explore her relationship with steve, billy or eddie, but i am up for any of the other characters as long as they are aged appropriately.

please look here to learn about me.

if you're interested please leave me a message for a custom, and we can discuss ideas/limits etc in a custom. i look forward to hearing from you! ♡
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[Mar. 9th, 2023|09:36 pm]

Noctis, Ignis, Gladio! Calling all Chocobros. Prompto would very much like to see his buddies over at [info]ohanamods
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[Feb. 13th, 2023|08:32 pm]

Anywhere at all be interested in Catherine, can probably kill you will pure rage and sarcasm, family orientated, not into fire
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[Feb. 9th, 2023|06:31 pm]

I've gotten on an Arrow kick lately and have tons of muse for Oliver Queen for the first time in a very long time. I would love to play him against other characters from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow and possibly a few other dctv shows as well.

I play Oliver AU to where he never died.

I'd love to play him against Laurel Lance, Sara Lance, Thea Queen, Roy Harper, John Diggle, Barry Allen and so many others.

I'd be willing to ship with Laurel or Sara as well.

I am not an Olicity shipper and while I will write with Felicty Smoak muses I will not ship Oliver with them.

If anyone would be interested in discussing this farther please feel free to reply to this.
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[Jan. 17th, 2023|07:42 pm]

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[Dec. 29th, 2022|07:49 am]

[info]woodlandhills ring in the new year with us!
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[Nov. 24th, 2022|12:27 pm]

Toni Starr, Erin Moriarty, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara Looking for people to have lines with, friends, family, literally anything at [info]woodlandhills Always open to plot.
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[Nov. 14th, 2022|09:12 pm]

Please check the journal here for themes and fandoms that I'd like to play with. If anything interests you, let me know!
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[Nov. 8th, 2022|07:00 pm]

Looking for a Parker and Melinda Halliwell to act as the other two second generation Charmed Ones alongside P.J. at [info]arcanecitymods
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[Nov. 6th, 2022|11:15 pm]

Selected Wanted Characters to RP in our multi-fandom FREEDOMTOWN community. All characters, in any fandom, not taken, are welcome.

Those of us playing in the GOT Universe have specific requests for the following muses (We are a fairly big fandom):

GOT Players Request Arya, Brandon, and Sansa Stark to complete Jon and Robb's family.
Daenerys requests are Missandei, Greyworm and Jorah to serve on the Queen's small council.
Wanted Muses Here
Held characters Here
Taken Here
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