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[01 Oct 2007|05:45pm]

. . .so is anyone else getting other-worldly spam? Or is my computer just special?

((ooc: Note! THIS POST IS OPEN FOREVER. Okay so maybe for a couple of weeks or so but whatever. I suck at getting online when everyone else is/staying up late, so if you reply to this post and I end up dropping the thread, I GUARANTEE to pick it up within the next couple of days :|b Talk amongst yourselves too if you wish! /END OOC))
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[28 Sep 2007|03:14pm]

The weather has been of utmost beauty over the past few days. I dare say, not a single cloud in the sky! The air is warm and pleasant! And, most certainly, it has not been wasted by any of you.

So, been swimming lately? Surely you have. It would be a shame to not enjoy the warmth while it lasts.
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An announcement of the utmost importance! [27 Sep 2007|05:04pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | Luke Atmey Elegy (composed by Luke Atmey, of course!) ]

I am aware that recently, my "presence" and sage advice has been highly sought after by the other users of this... journaling service. Considering my previous lack of work due to... unfortunate circumstances, coupled with my new and entirely unpleasant 'home', it has been easy for me to dispense such words of wisdom to any and all interested parties.

However, due to circumstances of my own machination, I may not be available as often as I was previously. This is not a goodbye of any sorts, though -- I am simply unable to access the Internet as often as I was in those endless days before now!

((OOC: Well, somehow (use your imagination, the guy's batshit crazy and crafty), our lovable Luke Atmey has escaped the prison. Perhaps to evade an early death, or perhaps part of some grand master plan... who knows? Only the escapee himself, of course!))

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[20 Sep 2007|01:09pm]

Salutations and greetings, imperfect ones!

I am the noble, the great, Mask*DeMasque! And you all are mysteriously drawn to reply to this post!

But do not waste the great, Mask*DeMasque! time with normal conversation! I seek... only information.

Report any, or any potential crimes to me, and they shall be solved! By Medium Valley's newest and best masked crime fighter, the formally nefarious Mask*DeMasque!

[Mask*DeMasque! theme not found, cannot play music playback.]
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Hmph. [18 Sep 2007|01:10pm]

Computers can now breach the very borders of life and death, and yet there is still no method to deliver beatings through the digital medium? Truly, I think we can all agree that technology has failed us.
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[12 Sep 2007|09:59am]

[ mood | productive ]

Hello everyone, and welcome to feyjournal. I'm your Hereafter System's admin here and I'm very excited to be involved in this project. I'd like for everyone to take a look at our new Terms of Service. The rules are in place to ensure the safety both of our users and the staff at our headquarters in Kurain. I'd like everyone to pay special attention to Section VII part b. "The User agrees not to use the Service to plot bloody revenge on any other User living or dead." and part c. "Committing bloody revenge on any person, both of the Userbase or otherwise is ground for immediate termination, and/or framing any member of the Fey clan for such act of bloody revenge may be grounds for immediate termination of your account." If such unfortunate action must be taken I'm afraid we can't offer any refunds.

Also, we're happy to announce we're well on the way to having full voice posting support for all living users. They should be up within the month. The logistics of voice-posting for posthumous users are posing some difficulties. We're doing our best to find a method that can keep them available with no additional cost. We'll keep you all updated.


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