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    Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
    4:32 pm
    FIC: Waking Dream
    This place needs more posts! And I finally wrote something. So... here it is.

    Title: Waking Dream
    Rating: K+
    Fandom: Fatal Frame/Project Zero
    Disclaimer: Belongeth not to me. Sue not.
    Character: Reika Kuze
    Word count: 390
    Notes: Written for the prompt "waking up" at dailyprompt on Dreamwidth.

    Link to my IJ.
    Tuesday, February 12th, 2008
    11:19 pm
    Saturday, October 20th, 2007
    9:35 pm
    FF4 scans?
    This BCL thread turned up what may or may not be genuine FF4 scans.

    The fourth game has definitely been announced for the Wii. The three (1 2 3) scans show reported main character Yuro Tachibana (a possible descendant of Chitose's family line, though I can't imagine how they could work in Chitose herself. Of course, it could remain unexplained in canon, like with Rei Kurosawa) standing...somewhere modern-ish? Another girl, still unidentified (possibly Yuro under different circumstances?), is also pictured.

    Thoughts? I'm kinda hoping it's fake(the style looks more DOA than FF =/), but whatever.

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    Thursday, October 18th, 2007
    10:04 pm
    General Game Stuff
    Okay, this place needs a post. Or something. NOW. So I will start.

    How did you first stumble upon the games? Which was your first?

    I first found out about the Fatal Frame series waaay back when the first installment was released on the PS2 in America. PSM magazine released a very long, helpful boss FAQ for the game, as well as gave it a 7.8 (I think) as a review score. Once I found out that you used a camera in combat, I instantly placed it on my Christmas list. I got it for Christmas as a gift from my aunt, but didn't play it until about March. Despite having all of the games released in America, I've only beaten Crimson Butterfly.
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