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Monday, January 21st, 2008

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    Hi, just a quick question. In my story, the people use 'formals' to address one another.

    First Formal: Council member/High-ranking official
    Second Formal: Noble (which means anyone with a large plot of land) Or a Stranger (just in case)
    Third Formal: Middle-class
    Fourth Formal: Servant
    Fifth Formal: Their name

    If you call a man by his name without permission, it's seen as a challenge. For a woman, you're asking to marry- with permission you're a really close friend or a brother. If she's already married, you're challenging her husband.

    The 'formals' replace 'you'(masculine), 'you' (feminine), and 'they'. Yes, there are twelve different pronouns. You may call me a language geek.

    Anyway, should I leave these out when writing my story?

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