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May 21st, 2008

tales of one kind or another


May 21st, 2008

Welcome One And All

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To the [info]fansoffolklore asylum. This is a refuge for those who love, find fascination with, have a passing interest in folkore or who honestly like to tell a good story(though if you are just writing your own work on here you need to state so from the start as it will otherwise confuse folks. generally most original works are hoped to in some way mirror or stem from folklore of the past but I believe we are still generating folklore today so have at it.).

If you have a thing for true folklore, then you can really dig in your teeth here. Hopefully we will draw the anthro-students that I drew on lj, the people who really had a big thing for folklore, who talked about their specialty and who wanted to search out bits and pieces of trivia. Those who could remember stories from their youth told to them by their grandparents and wanted to pass them on out of love. The word weavers and the young at heart. Those who were adept at making something new out of something old. Hopefully every dreamer will at sometime or another find their way to our doorstep and stop for a while.

If this sounds like you, then come in, grab a cup of tea, coffee, milk or whatever you fancy and start socializing.

Artwork is welcome here as long as the really big pix beyond 300x300 are put behind cuts. If you've reinterpreted your favorite story or whatever we want to know about it. Folklore didn't die a few hundred years ago, we are creating Urban Legends today just to name one form of folklore that is still going strong. So give it a whirl. State your sources if you can, we like that. And let's enjoy a good story.

No insulting of other members is permitted. There is a zero tolerance here. This is a safe place for people of all religions and all ethnicities. This means no proselytizing is to be done by anyone but, if someone has a neat story of a religious bent they can post it without fear of people giving them a bunch of flack. Songs, chants and the like are welcome again as long as someone is not 'spamming' the asylum with a HUGE amount of them all at one time in an attempt to convert folks to their way of being. Anyone who rides said individual for being different, coming from a different point of view or whatever gets ousted. Of course any individual spamming the community gets ousted as well. Fair is fair. Diversity is encouraged. A lot of folkore does have religious overtones to it. We don't do this because______fill in the blank; is at heart a superstition that became folklore long ago because usually they make up a story to scare the children into submission. Kids remember it into adulthood and spread it to their children. They may even like the story and have a fond emotional attachment to it. Then come Myths which have an enjoyable quality to them but are at heart religous. You get my drift. So buck up boys and girls.

I hope this will explain the tenor of this community.
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