March 4th, 2023

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My Jean would like a PSL with Wolverine.

Message me and we can discuss.

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I Want Something Wicked Hot!

This girl wants a PSL. Her first choice would be Spike, then Angel. A Dean Winchester or Sam Winchester. Whoever needs to be strong, a man's man, one who wants to dominate her, doesn't mean she'll always let him, a man who articulates his wants and needs. If you feel that's your muse and he wants her, hit me up.

They'll travel the world fighting those things that go 'bump' in the night.

I have some ideas. I'd like to hear yours.

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Diana would like Steve Trevor or Superman. If some strong, handsome man has the hots for her, let's talk. They have to have chemistry. I'm looking for a person who loves to write, who will write more than a paragraph, and who won't disappear without a word. Could that be your muse?

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My Daenerys was pulled from Westeros when she kissed Jorah on the head. I can do castmates, John, Drogo, or Jamie. I prefer this to be a cross-fandom pairing. Dany would be pulled into his world, not hers. Everything in his universe would be new and confusing for her. I'll consider all male muses.

You know the drill.

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I know this is a looooooooooong shot. But it's a no unless you ask. Does anyone still play Giles? I'd love to write with Giles again. I realize this is probably an act of futility, Jenny wants a line so badly.

Thanks ....

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In search of a Luke Skywalker for a *very* slow burn with Rey. If there is a Bathrobe Jedi in the house, hit me up and we'll try to make something happen.

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Alicent comes in just after the time jump, so she's still young.

Ali needs a man, not one like Vicerys, but a young man who can teach her the ways of love. If you don't mind crossing fandoms, I love to play with you.

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are there any active carlos players out there that might want to do something? if none are around, i'll write against any other 911 and 911: lone star characters.

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