June 6th, 2022

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admittedly, this will be cross posted.

This is probably the longest of all shots but you miss 100% of the shots you never take...right?

With TASM now on Netflix in the US and after diving into AU and fix it fic in the months within the wake of NWH, I am feeling a certain type of way. Gwen would be a brand new muse for me (so be gentle, please?) but are there any Peters out there who would like to fix the events of TASM2 with me? I'm even down with you know, the kind of fix it that is a bit of at time skip because...obviously it's been a while since the movies came out and yeah. I'll admit that my comics knowledge is pretty much non-existent (I do know how to use wikipedia and deep dive like a champ) I am also open to exploring other AU scenarios or I don't know, stuff to do with the freakin' multiverse since that's a thing.

Post in the journal is screened, PMs are open or comment here and let's make something happen!

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I am looking for some Harry Potter lines! Please see journal for details!

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With the final season of Roswell, New Mexico about to start... anyone have any interest in this guy? I have been rewatching to prepare and have all the feels.

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Happy Pride! Seeking a few wlw MCU lines, specifically Wanda/Natasha or Kate/Yelena. Open to all sorts of canon/canon-divergent or AU situations. Let's plot! :)

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House of Dragons & bad wigs

Look, Rhaegar having a terrible 'already used by Viserys' wig in the flashback made me roll my eyes. The sea of bad wigs in the HoD series just made me want to weep. However, it also made me want to pull this dude out again if anyone is interested.

Headcanon that might be relevant here
Various and sundry line ideas here.

Would love a Cersei to shake things up a bit. However, I'm pretty open to any proposals.

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