November 13th, 2021

[info]overdrawn in [info]fandom_psls

Can we cool it with the game ads, friends? I get that people are excited to find castmates and the other (more appropriate) comms might receive less traffic, but fandom_psls is supposed to be for psls. Seeing a quarter of the posts here dedicated to advertising a single game is pretty offputting, imo.

Sorry for being a kill joy, but this issue seems to crop up every year or so when a game gets "big". Perhaps your mod could make a catch-all post with requested canonmates that could be linked here once in a while instead?

[info]secondcatch in [info]fandom_psls

I'm looking to pick up a few more lines for Will Graham. I'll happily write him against other Hannibal characters or those from a different fandom. I'm also up for starting at different canon points or putting an AU spin on things, I welcome getting plotty with it.

[info]anchorpoints in [info]fandom_psls

looking for an oberyn martell for my sansa. either an aged up au in king's landing or something where she's queen in the north treating with dorne. very much open to brainstorming and plotting other ideas as well!

[info]midgem in [info]fandom_psls

someone to play joel maisel, lenny bruce or benjamin ettenberg that would be interested in something dramatic (but still stupidly cute) with my midge maisel? we can play along with the show plot or make things our own…i am not picky! it can be modernized to take place in a more current time line as well. pbing or celebing rachel against any of those actors is always an option too

[info]abpositive in [info]fandom_psls

well, i finally watched good omens so now i'm all in on aziraphale and crowley. i'm willing to play either side of the dynamic duo but i'm looking for something that sticks to the asexual (not aromantic) premise. i am not familiar with the book (yet).

alternatively, i'd love a slash line based in the hunger games fandom and i'm familiar with both the book and movie canon, though i'm open to something au. i lean toward playing peeta but i also have finnick, a few ocs and genderswapped characters i could throw into the mix.

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