July 9th, 2021

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Seeking Ed / Riddler for Nygmobblepot..

I'm an inexperienced IJ user offering Penguin from GOTHAM, and I'm looking for an Edward Nygma in particular to write some shameless one-off smut with either here, or elsewhere where I'm able to edit my replies obsessively. I particularly have a weakness for Oswald being spoiled. Or embarrassed in some way, as his huffiness makes him rather fun to tease. But I'm open to talk about possible scenarios. There's some info in his journal that'll give you a sense of how I write him.

About me, well, I'm a stickler for being as IC with this guy as I can possibly be, so bear in mind Oswald can be expected to take offense and/or ruin things at the drop of a hat... if he's not feeling all sappy and sentimental, ofc. I'm a prosey writer, but I'm all about quality>quantity, so replies will be as long or as short as the scenario demands. Don't feel pressured to write paragraphs and paragraphs.

Looking for a writer whose pace is maybe one response every day or couple of days, if possible. I'm starved for something steady, and reliable, and I'd really, really love to get to write something from start to finish. So please, only poke me if you think you'll be in it for the long run, so to speak. Being flaked on/ghosted bites and I don't have the patience for it anymore. And hey, if at any point you lose interest, all I ask is that you be honest and tell me. I don't bite.

ANYWAY. Thanks for reading!

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So, because I'm weak as all get out - anything for Yelena Belova? Crossovers, comics or MCU cannon perfectly awesome.

[ps, place holder icon, there'll be more later tonight or tomorrow!)

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