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[11 Jan 2005|02:33pm]
The first Evanescence graphic community on IJ.


¤ You can only post Evanescence related graphics.

¤ By posting your graphics here, you are handing them out for the public's use. So, please, don't make hundreds of entries compaining about icon thefts. If you are that strict about giving credit, please make your post friends only so only members can view your graphics. HOWEVER, I highly advise others not to steal graphics. It's rude and childish to take graphics from someone and not give them credit when they ask for it. You will be caught...and just because I don't approve of one million icon theft entries floding the community, doesn't mean that I won't be pissed when I find out you're stealing from someone.

¤ If you're going to post graphics, don't say "lyk omg these suck" about 5 times in the entry. If you really think they suck, don't post them.

¤ Be kind and considerate of others. Just because you don't like the person's graphics doesn't mean you have to be forward about it and make rude comments to them.

¤ If you have more than 3 icons, put them behind a cut. Teasers are welcomed, but no more than 3.

¤ Only make requests when people post saying that they're taking them.

¤ Have fun.

If you have any questions, just ask me ([info]__plastictears).
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