August 13th, 2008

[info]francaise in [info]embargo


Before anything else, we would like to put down some groundrules:
o1. Credit.
o2. Don't hotlink.
o3. All posts are made friends only after a week, but membership is unmoderated.That's it. :D
We've had some questions over the past few months that we've got fairly tired of answering individually, so we decided to compile a FAQ.
Q: I can't see your icons/your tags don't seem to be working.
A: Join the community; you don't have to wait ages to be approved, it's open membership.

Q: Will you icon ____ ?
A: Go to the request post.

Q: Where did you get your screen caps/can I have them?
A: If we took them ourselves: no, sorry. If we didn't, we're quite happy to link you to them. Most of our Kat images come from Kat Dennings Online, though.

Q: Can I have the fullsize of icon #____?
A: Considering we've paid for some magazine articles and membership to certain sites: no.

Q: Where did you get images for such and such person?
A: We google to find galleries. We search photobucket, flickr, stuff like that. We don't have some secret image access powers. Please stop asking where we get things from.

Q: Can I friend you?
A: If you're talking about the community, membership isn't moderated. If you're talking about our individual journals, why would you want to? They're never updated.

Q: You iconed the wrong person in _____ batch!
A: We make a lot of icons. We save pictures fast. Occasionally the wrong face is going to make its way into a batch. We're not going to fiddle about removing or changing those icons, so frankly, those of you who only ever comment to point this out are wasting your time.

Q: Can I edit your icons?
A: We're okay with editing icons for hair and eye colour as long as it's for personal use and you still credit us for the original icon.
If you have any other questions, ask them here.