ST:DS9 G/B: Black Bottle: Chapter 8: A Lie for Love
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Stardate: 08.12.2007, 08:19pm
Title:  Black Bottle  Chapter 8: A Lie for Love
Author: Hermit9
Fandom: Star Trek:DS9
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: Overall: Very Adult, This Chap: PG-ish
Warnings: Overall:BDSM, Violence, Angst, Canonical character death.  This Chap: just angst
Summ:  Chapters 1-7 saw the beginning of a new and unexpected love affair, now life throws a wrench in the works.
A/N: Takes place during Tears of the Prophets, just the parts of the ep. that I changed to fit in my universe and of course all the G/B stuff that didn't happen on screen.  I'm not super-confident I hit my mark on this chapter, but it's been forever since I posted an update, partly because of NaNoWriMo.  It seems maybe a little drippy to me, or..something.  I'd have to leave it alone for another month to be able to see it clearly, but that would suck, so I decided to stop sitting on this one and just post it.  So if it's less than quality I apologize, and hopefully I'll be back up to snuff for the next installment.  Oh and we'll be getting back to the funner stuff like around Chap. 10 I guess.  Previous chapters can be found here.  They might even be in the correct order.

He is being kissed...
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