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Stardate: 02.12.2007, 08:22am
Greeeetings fellow geeks.

So like I said I have some Trek Fic to post. I have a DS9 series in the works still which I'll post when the next chapter is ready, and I have a Spock/Kirk in the making as well, a kinda long but one shot quasi AU, but in the meantime I was digging through my old LJ content to remove and save what I wanted and I found a PG Next Gen fic I wrote years ago as a gift for someone, and since I THINK no one else has posted any fic here yet, this being such a young comm, I'm going to uh, do the deed.

Title: Double or Nothing
Author: Hermit9
Fandom ST:TNG
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen/Friendship
Characters: Data, LaForge
Warnings: frightened pussy cat/confusing phenomena
Sum: Friends spends some time in the holodeck, but someone interferes and Data must unravel a mystery to save Geordie's life.
A/N: It's not terribly good being that it was written for an extra-fandom general audience, I was limited to length, and I wrote it several years ago. I like to think my writing has improved a bit since then anyway.

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