Nov. 13th, 2008


207 DW icontest icons

I finally managed to post part of my backlogged icontest entries (there are another 100+ non DW icons waiting to be posted as well...) that I haven't posted yet. These were all made for various Doctor Who icontests and include next to the expected Doctor Who also Classic Who icons, some Torchwood icons as well as some of the actors/actresses.

They can be found here

tennanticontest33_1.png whocaststills8_3.png dw_ep4_4.png

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Mar. 17th, 2008


Master icons!

cc'ed to [info]votesaxon:

2 Master/Doctor
3 Master

Thanks to lj user exotik for the caps! And remember, credit and comments are love.


The icons... )


Assorted Icons

Random selection of Classic and New icons, including the Sixth and Eighth Doctors and a grab-bag of S3.


This way for all fourteen of them