Dec. 3rd, 2023


Brown Butter Caramel Chai Cookies

Happy Sunday all! I slept in today so I'm slow getting this starting. How are y'all today?

Got my agency visit done and it went well despite lasting till the late afternoon. I have enough time to get a worker on Mondays to take me to the doctor if there's one willing, which is good since my usual ride is having double knee surgery. She'll be out of driving for at least four to six months! So they are working on that.

Going to the gym again tomorrow. Man that kicks my ass. Just getting there and getting into the place is a workout for me. So just going is good for me. LOL! I'm also exercising at home, only for about ten minutes but still, it's a start. I'm starting on seated exercises, no machines as of yet. Which is good, since I don't think I can handle them.

Made that truffle pie and it tasted good but it came out runny. I think it's because we used too much whipped cream. That just means I have to try it again. So yay! LOL!

I have an interesting recipe for you today, Brown Butter Caramel Chai Cookies. It sounds yummy! I hope you like it.

Brown Butter Caramel Chai Cookies )

Nov. 26th, 2023


Rich Chocolate Truffle Pie

So how many of us Americans gained five pounds this week? LOL!

It was a good week, despite only having Sally working for two days. I invited a friend over for Thanksgiving and we ate and then after she left I ate some more and then hibernated for a while. LOL! It was good!

Got my shrink appointment done early, that was nice. Got in and got out. By the end of next month, I'll be off the Abilify and will see if that's what's causing the shaking or not.

This week I have an appointment on Tuesday with the agency that assigned me Sally. They're coming to the apartment so that's not so bad. They do this like three or four times a year, so it's no big deal.

I also have a THING tomorrow. I was convinced by my friend to sign up for a 24-hour gym. Yeah, I know. She got twenty-five dollars out of it so that's not so bad. But that means tomorrow I meet with someone to help me figure out what I can and can't do. I figure any exercise is better than none, but I'm not exactly looking forward to it. An object at rest stays at rest and I've been at rest a long time.

Still, it'll be good for me. Blah. Wish me luck that I don't fall off the treadmill and embarrass or hurt myself.

To counteract all that good exercise, I'm actually going to try out my weekly recipe this time. If it's good I'm making it for Yule. Rich Chocolate Truffle Pie. It's just five ingredients but someone in the comments suggested expresso powder to make it a bit more flavorful and that sounds good to me! So I'm going to try adding that too! LOL! Hope y'all like!

Rich Chocolate Truffle Pie )