Doctor Who Icontest - November 17th, 2012
Through the Vortex and Back Again

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User: [info]dwicontest (posted by [info]immortalje)
Date: 2012-11-17 22:38
Subject: Anyone interested? + Pimp
Security: Public
Tags:!mod post

5 months since the last challenge was closed due to a lack of interest, I wanted to see if there was any interest in restarting this icontest! If you want to see this icontest go live again, feel free to drop a comment to this post!

Alternately, if nobody is interested in a weekly icontest, I wanted to pimp another asylum I'm moderating.

[info]dailyicons has been reformed earlier this year to a daily icon challenge. You can sign up with an kind of claim (as narrow or as wide as you want - from anything goes to a specific character/pairing/celeb) for a varying amount of icons! You also have the option to sign up for up to 3 different claims at the same time!

You can also choose between different table sizes (each with a different time frame for completion):
10 icons in 1 month
25 icons in 3 months
50 icons in 6 months
100 icons in 1 year

To complete a table you can make icons for the daily prompts (each one open for 2 days) and submitting it to the prompt post. Due to the amount of time given to complete the sets, you are able to skip prompts that don't inspire you (or that just doesn't fit your claim) or if rl just doesn't allow you to make icons.

If you want to know more:
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