Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

2021 Results Post Part Deux


Welcome back to our show.

Now it's time to celebrate YOU, people of letters, litterateurs, scribes, scribblers, and wordsmiths all. You who have selflessly sacrificed to bring into this weary world your effusive outpourings of pathos and passion. Your verbosity has brought each of you here as victors... )
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2021 Results Post


Welcome to the Drabble Day Awards Presentation of 2021. My intrepid entrepreneurial daughter, Alexis, hostess of this venerated event, has asked me to present this year's results. As you are surely aware, I am no stranger to awards shows. )
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Monday, May 31st, 2021

Drabble Day 2021: Masterlist

Hello darlings, we hope you've caught up on some sleep! We assume after her little meltdown, Alexis is not up to presenting this year's Masterlist, so-


Of course! You have been wonderful. We totally understand that 24 hours is a lot, especially when that time-stretching magic kicks in.

Yes, and I probably should have read the brief before accepting the gig, but it was boring and anyway, I'm fine now! David and I have been catching up on drabbles-

My dad has been mansplaining the concept of band AUs-

Mom has been really sweet, which is, like, bizarre-

And of course Twyla has been really helpful. Isn't she the sweetest?

That's awesome. So you're up to the demanding task of presenting a really basic 24-item list?


Alright, drabblers! You have just been SO creative these 24 hours and I am super-impressed with your immersive experience curating powers! I do have a few notes about broadening your audience base and maybe embracing the fact that we live in an Instagram world and your content is not optimally leveraged on an obsolete text-based platform... [Ahem. Alexis?] BUT I am told this is not the time for highly necessary brand invigoration, so whatevs! Let's talk TikTok later.

But now, for easier reference in your reading/commenting pleasure, here is your Masterlist for Drabble Day 2021! Just click on the individual links for each hour and enjoy your catch-up!

Hour 1: Quest

Hour 2: Curse

Hour 3: Superstition

Hour 4: Tangled

Hour 5: Fairy

Hour 6: Labyrinth and Grimoire

Hour 7: Heroine

Hour 8: Fates

Hour 9: Mirror

Hour 10: Armour

Hour 11: Runes

Hour 12: Chimera and Wish

Hour 13: Steed

Hour 14: Castle

Hour 15: Sacrifice and Poison

Hour 16: Monster

Hour 17: Siege

Hour 18: Ring

Hour 19: Ensorcelled

Hour 20: Trials

Hour 21: Orphan

Hour 22: Spell

Hour 23: Djinn and Oracle

Hour 24: Happily Ever After

Thank you! Tallies and announcements may take a little bit while your mods catch up on boring crap like sleep and work and eating. And dive back into all the drabbles they missed in between!

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And that's a wrap for 2021!


Thank you so much for coming with us on this year's crazy drabbling journey! Tallies and announcements will happen sometime this week. And now... SLEEP! *zonk*
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Saturday, May 29th, 2021

Hour 14: Castle

[OK, Alexis, please tell us you're dressed and ready for the next prompt, right?]

The next prompt is CASTLE.

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Drabble Day 2021 - Rules and Ravishing Assistants!

Hello darling Eskimos and potential other wanderers in the woods! Welcome to this year's edition of Drabble Day!

Don't stray off the path )
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Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

Greetings and salutations, my estee-med friends. It is I, Moira Rose, star of stage and screen, here with a critical communique from my venerated colleagues.


Ten years ago, a ragatag bunch of soap opera enthusiasts united for a twenty-four hour bacchanal of writing and revelry. To commemorate this most momentous of occasions, you are cordially invited to an epic extravaganza, Once Upon A Time, on the forthcoming weekend, May 29th.

Should you choose to partake in this prestigious centenary, please revisit this ether-based locale beginning at the following times:

12 midnight New Zealand Time
2 p.m. Central European Time
1 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time
8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time

Please heed this very important missive and shore up your larder with fruit wine and my world-famous Anchiladas to sustain you over the course of these celebratory twenty-four hours. You will not want to miss what certainly will be an historic event!

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

A Very Important Announcement

Greetings, oh drabblers and dreamers, creators of stories and lovers of... what do you call it... fanfic? It is I, Hermes, herald of the Gods, here with a message from your Overlords:

"Beware the 29th of May."


I think that's it.

*looks at back of paper*

No, nothing there. Just "beware the 29th of May."

Well, that's not very informative, is it. I swear, sometimes the Divine can be so vague. Is Zeus planning to wreak havoc upon the world of mortals? Are the gates of Hades to burst open allowing the souls of the dead to spill out? Or is it just going to rain and get your head a bit damp? I DON'T KNOW. I'm just the messenger.

All I can advise is that you don't make any plans for the weekend of May 29th, because Something Will Happen and Things Will Change.

Hermes, out!
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Sunday, April 5th, 2020

Drabble Day 2020: A Highly Infectious Load of Awesome Results!

HELLO. Like every year, the time has come to announce the Drabble Day results and, uhm, apparently we get applications for hosting now??

[Don't make this weirder than it already is, Amy.]

Abandon reason, all ye who enter here. )
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Monday, March 30th, 2020

Drabble Day 2020: Masterlist

Hey Rosa, are you feeling any better?

We'll take that as a yes. Anyway, thanks for your help yesterday, and for putting together this Masterlist - great job!

...okay. Would you like to present it, as well?

Fair enough. So we were going to present it ourselves, but apparently someone took it upon themselves to check it over, and-

Look, just make Amy do the thing. She's spent all night doing her own version.

How? It's a basic list of 24 items!

Dunno. Apparently she did "research" for it. I suspect she spent all night reading drabbles. Just make her do the rest of this, k?

Okay then! Amy, would you like to take over the task of presenting - and we cannot stress this enough - a laughably basic reference list of 24 items?

Alright, drabblers! I have done the research, I have compiled the list, I MAY have submitted several versions with colour-coded sections and different categorisations (by fandom, by genre, by rating, etc.), including several charts about lockdown participation increase ratios, likelihood of crack versus lateness of hour and several other very interesting statistical facts...

Amy? Can we just have the list?

-BUT certain mods informed me that was not relevant, requested, or sane, so fine.

Dear drabblers, for easier reference in your reading/commenting pleasure, here is your Masterlist (are you sure that shouldn't be two words? I went through your archives and wondered that every year... AMY. okay, okay!) for Drabble Day 2020!

Hour 1: Plane

Hour 2: Community

Hour 3: Cold

Hour 4: Infectious

Hour 5: Healing

Hour 6: Curve

Hour 7: Wash

Hour 8: Flatten

Hour 9: Research

Hour 10: Fever

Hour 11: Toilet paper

Hour 12: Spread

Hour 13: Delivery

Hour 14: Isolation

Hour 15: Face

Hour 16: Hoarding

Hour 17: Crisis

Hour 18: Test

Hour 19: Travel

Hour 20: Breathe

Hour 21: Symptom

Hour 22: Hands

Hour 23: Cure

Hour 24: Distance

Please click on the individual links for each hour. I really wanted to do a carefully structured list that would itemise every single drabble, with sub-headers for multiples or series, plus footnotes, but again, I had my sanity questioned by the mods and also Rosa. Ingrates.

So, enjoy your catch-up! In the meantime, I am going to compile a kick-ass and comprehensive application for the job of presenting the awards post. Yay!

Uh... we don't really take applications for that? We sort of just go by who's free and seems competent- you know what? Knock yourself out.

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Sunday, March 29th, 2020


Drabble Day 2020 is now (semi-*)officially closed for business. Sometime within the next few days, when your mods have slept a million years, we will tally up results and get up a master list and awards post.

Thank you all so much for joining the madness this year, you have all been fantastic and madly creative participants and we love you!

(*Europeans can tack on one hour for the daylight savings switch).

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Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Drabble Day 2020 - Welcome, Quarantine Protocol, Assistants, Time Zones & Drabbling Rules!


Please wash or sanitise your hands before you enter. )
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Thursday, March 19th, 2020


Is social distancing getting you down? )
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Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Drabble Day 2019: A Time-Bending Insanity of Results


Here there be madness )
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Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Drabble Day 2019: Masterlist

Hello there.

The mods said since it was only thanks to us that Drabble Day went so smoothly...

[I believe our exact words were "since you have done absolutely nothing useful so far..."]

...it is only appropriate that we should present the Masterlist to you! We worked all night on it.

[How? It's literally a small list of links?]


[... really, April? You had ONE JOB. Andy, could you?]

Yup, I 1000% got it!

Right! Cool! So here's a list of all the hours, so you can, like, easily find all the *squints at script* cool period pieces - heh, cool, like tampons?

[Not that kind of period, Andy.]

Oh, right. And also all the feels...

...complex relationships...

...strong women...

...fandom love...

...and fandom rage...

April: And the pizza.

So here's the Masterlist for easier reference if you want to revisit or you know, whatever! Please click on the hourly links for your reading pleasure.

Hour 1: Surprised and Worried
Hour 2: Guilty and Geeky
Hour 3: Pleased and Thirsty
Hour 4: Impressed and Apathetic
Hour 5: Mischievous and Sleepy
Hour 6: Flirty and Bored
Hour 7: Touched and Predatory
Hour 8: Amused and Crushed
Hour 9: Listless and Nostalgic
Hour 10: Contemplative and Devious
Hour 11: Shocked and Yearning
Hour 12: Drunk and Ditzy
Hour 13: Restless and Uncomfortable
Hour 14: Quixotic and Rejuvenated
Hour 15: Cranky and Embarrassed
Hour 16: Confused and Enthralled
Hour 17: Vicious and Optimistic
Hour 18: Enraged and Cynical
Hour 19: Lonely and Zealous
hour 20: Jubilant and Hungry

Thanks, you guys. Real life is rudely intruding upon your mods, but a final results and accolades post is coming SOON.

That will absolutely not happen, but thank you, April.
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Sunday, May 19th, 2019


Thank you all so much for coming out and participating in this madness, despite family obligations and overwhelming feels and other interferences! You were amazing in rising to the challenge of TWO prompts an hour. There is clearly nothing we can't do! Please feel free to keep drabbling until Eurovision starts (because we meant to have that extra hour, uh huh). We will do some tallying and proper announcements in a day or two, once we have recovered a bit and slept approximately seventy hours.

But for now...

And don't forget, in one hour...

See you there!
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Thursday, May 16th, 2019


Read more, you beautiful exotic sea creatures. )
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Thursday, May 2nd, 2019




Us: Gather round, lovelies! It's time for Drabble Day, our favourite sleep-deprived time of the year! We want - nay, we demand all the drabbles your little hearts and hands can crank out in 24 hou--

Eurovision: Soz, guys, we double-booked and totes forgot to clear it with you. Finale's that night. Our bad.

Us: We still love you, Eurovision (but MORE GLITTER this year or we need to talk). We'll just find another date.

Aldi's calendar: Nope. No way.

Lil's calendar: Don't even think about it.

Us: OK, we're resilient, adaptable people. We can figure this out.

*makes pros and cons lists*
*gets drunk on power and BRAINTHIRD contact high*

So we can either go with a sane, reasonable 12-hour Drabble Day or we can throw caution to the wind and embrace EXTREME DRABBLING!!!

Eurovision: Let me guess…

That's right, we be crazy!! Announcing TWENTY HOURS of DOUBLE-PROMPT DRABBLING starting at midnight Eurotime (CET) on Friday, May 17, followed immediately by an Eskiviewing of Eurovision 2019.
Time Zones are as follows:
US/Canada Central time - 5pm
US/Canada Eastern - 6pm
UK (GMT) - 11pm
Europe (CET) - midnight
NZ (NZST) - 10am (Saturday, May 18)

As always, drabbles will be limited to 100 words and we'll provide prompts at the top of each hour. Watch this space for more details coming soon. In the meantime, here's a taste of what's in store:

Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

Hope to see you all there!!
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Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Drabble Day 2018: Masterlist

Oh hello.

If you don't know me, I'm Johanna Mason and I don't give a fuck about what's going on. The Effies were supposed to do this, but they're... a little busy. So you're stuck with me, unless...

[Uhm, no, Jo, literally no one wants to do that. If you're gonna be super-dramatic, we told you we could do this ourselves...]

No, it's cool, me and Dolphinboy-on-crack here got it.

[We are so pleased.]

Wheeeee! I am told you have written drabbles, and this is somehow impressive. Okay. Here is a complete masterlist of this baffling achievement! Please click the hour links for your reading pleasure.

Hour 1, Maroon
Hour 2, Silver
Hour 3, Azure
Hour 4, Purple
Hour 5, Green
Hour 6, Ivory
Hour 7, Turquoise
Hour 8, Saffron
Hour 9, Charcoal
Hour 10, Burgundy
Hour 11, Indigo
Hour 12, Black
Hour 13, Olive
Hour 14, Crimson
Hour 15, Cerulean
Hour 16, Cyan
Hour 17, Pink
Hour 18, Tan
Hour 19, Lavender
Hour 20, Mahogany
Hour 21, Rose & Amber
Hour 22, Yellow
Hour 23, Lime
Hour 24, Magenta


You're very welcome. See you next year.
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Monday, January 29th, 2018

Drabble Day 2018: A Record-Breaking Rainbow of Results

So, dearest Cinna, I was saying to the girls, [info]lilithilien and [info]aldiara, I mean, their intentions are ever so good, but they've got no eye for colour at all, have they-

[Effie? We're live.]

Results after the cut... )
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