March 2014



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January 4th, 2014

[info]author in [info]doors


Sure sign that I'm getting older. I've become the person who enjoys taking naps in the middle of the day. This did not used to be a thing.

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[Locked to Shane A]

Cut for picture )

[info]ex_therianth938 in [info]doors


[As Cal H]

Is this permanent?

[info]upintheclouds in [info]doors

[Group CIA Comm from a new channel, one Bo set up separately]

beep beep

His voice is tired, it's been a long few days in his door, and he'd promised to go right back through but the incident has derailed him

So, we've had a bit of an incident. This is a closed channel, so speak freely. And check in. Read me your grocery list, call me mom, I don't care just chat a bit.

[Locked - Faol/Bo]

Can you walk the dog? Late night.

[Locked - Max/Bo]

Happy New Year, beautiful.

[Locked Comm - after Max asked to check on him - McKendrick/Bo]

What's your 20?

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It's been very quiet as of late.

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[News: Las Vegas]

[Late Saturday, two explosions rock the Nevada night. Davies Cybersecurity, which is located adjacent to Harrah's on the strip, goes first, casting the sidewalk in front of it in smoke and flames. An unnamed facility outside the city goes next, and that explosion is louder, brighter, audible miles away in the city itself. Police and fire are dispatched to both scenes immediately, but they're turned away from the actual scenes of the explosions within minutes, when agents arrive on the scene, tight lipped and claiming that local jurisdiction does not apply. Injured civilians at the Harrah's location are transported to local hospitals, but no statement is made and no information is provided about injuries within either structure. Agents pull out black bags and comb both locations for hours before securing them. Neither story officially makes the news, and civilian video clips and tweets are quashed almost instantaneously.]

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[Group Text sent to Colin K & Haley K]

›› Tell me neither of you are near the strip tonight.