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February 8th, 2013

[info]fall_of_rain in [info]doors

Hunter W

[After much deliberation. His last big gesture wasn't very successful, so he's a bit gun-shy.]

Hey, H?

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mk robinson, jack r

[text: MK R/Val M]
We're going to do something stupid. Where are you?

[Locked: Jack R/Val M]
Might be leaving soon. Just FYI.

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[left for blackbird]

[Left in the lobby of the hotel on one of the tables there is a rather large, heavy box full of prototypes of weaponry. Plus, a new, reinforced bulletproof vest and sketches for a new suit. A note is also inserted and says Please contact me with thoughts and complaints. -N]

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[Written in such angry script] ROSE. Where are you?

Ring, ring.

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Paris is as I left her, I think. They say Rome's the eternal city, but I think Paris might have a claim to the title. She changes completely, and nothing ever really changes. It makes anyone question revolution -- how much can it really achieve when everything remains so much the same? Revolution ought to bring redemption, not greater suffering and poverty. Is there no society that can genuinely sustain the common good? Or are we all doomed to search endlessly for Utopias and find their names fitting -- nowhere.

I am a terrible radical. But an equally terrible law student. At least my German and my English are good (let us not speak of Latin or Greek)? Those are perhaps the most useful skills I possess, sadly. I should find my books and try to apply myself to my studies. The cafés are quiet today. Some wine and bread might ease my mind.

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[in somewhat scrawled Victorian penmanship, and with a few splotches of blue ink dotting the page in frustration. The underlines are especially aggressive]

No sign of Holmes. No sign of Holmes anywhere. He's gone off again for God knows where to do God knows what, and I'm left having to attempt deduction in order to find a hint of a direction in which to turn. He loves these games. They give him a thrill. I ought to know the drill by now. If he's managed to get into a scrape, I shall be entirely put out. Especially if he's trying to prove some damnable point about how he cannot function properly without me -- an assertion I am beginning to believe!

Also, my service revolver seems to be missing. I take this as a somewhat distressing point.

Mercifully, both Mrs Hudson and Gladstone are well. Small mercies etc.

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[text to Sevastian Z]

[text to Sevastian Z]

Sevya, where are you? I'm due at work in half an hour, are you going to get back before I leave?

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[DC Door Update]

[Late afternoon on Friday in Gotham. The city is still recovering from the crippling plague that slammed the citizens, but some things are back to normal. Namely, the itch to go home for the weekend for those back at work. The Second National Bank of Gotham is surprisingly full close to 5 PM, tellers and customers alike eager to get home and spend the weekend with their loved ones. And, that's when they strike. The hold-up is typical at first, goons pressing guns to backs of unwitting people and everyone pressed to the floor. That is, to say, until the culprit strolls through to the lobby. When the hold-up is complete and the people are safe and sound, witnesses prattle on about a man with half his face mangled and how a coin decided their fate. Only the bank manager is actually shot, two bullets to the chest, and he is found dead on the scene. One or two people swear they recognize the perpetrator, who escaped thanks to his lackeys, but no one believes that Harvey Dent is even alive in this Gotham. How could he be?]

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comm: oracle

[As soon as news of this hits.]

Oracle. [He's calm, but... there's something off about the way he sounds.] Are you on this side?
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dc door

[DC Door]
[Very late Friday night, the Batsignal shines bright in Gotham's sky, originating from the roof of the GCPD building.  Police officers are not able to gain access/entry to the roof as Gordon as locked himself up there. It doesn't go out until the sun rises Saturday morning.]

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[public, morgan c, neil d]


Anyone else manage to feel absolutely ignorant in comparison to the one they have through the door? I had a moment, a few moments ago, where I realised how far above me he is in intelligence, and honestly, it's humbling.

[Locked to Morgan C]

I hope the year has been treating you kindly, thus far.

[Locked to Neil D]

What would you say if I did a few improvements to the guest room?