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January 18th, 2013

[info]redrobin in [info]doors

batfam+ (sort of)

[Batfam+ Comms]
[Two hours after Babs' forwards started, Tim crosses back to the hotel and then through the door to Iraq.  He's dressed in his Red Robin costume and looking for leads to Ra's al Ghul's whereabouts.  His comm is in his ear but he's got a booster program running on it to disguise where he is (a shoddy job but the best he could do on short notice).  It takes roughly forty minutes before whispers start about a masked man in Basra looking for the Demon Head.]

[info]pesadilla in [info]doors

Locked: Lin A/Daniel W

Locked to Daniel W )

[info]silverandsteel in [info]doors


[Bruce B.]

[JARVIS transcribed text.]

I need some help.

[Batman & Oracle, by encrypted file.]

[His progress so far. It's substantial. Notably he has ruled out the possibility that they're dealing with an actual strain of the bubonic plague--the big kicker is that it's a virus of some kind, but he has not yet been able to develop a vaccine. A vaccine would be a preventative measure for those not infected, and he's closer to that than he is to anything like an effective antivirus or treatment for those already infected.]

[Pepper P.]

[Voice connect to her office. Definitely no video. For the first time, he doesn't sound good. It seems to be hard to put long sentences together, as he's short of breath.]

I hope you got some sleep.


I think I've got a way to get you the hammer, as long as it can withstand a serious sterilizing.

[info]nottherobin in [info]doors

batfam+, riddler

[batfam+ comm]

[There are no words, as she turned off the open comm when she met with Eddie, but the blood curdling scream switches it on for a moment. There's mumbling about something burnjng and crying and a shout after a retreating green-clad man before she breaks down into sobs and coughs. After a few moments, there's a growl, and at hats when she realizes it's on. There is silence, a few rattling breaths, and the line goes off. But she forgets to take the batteries out in her scramble to head home and clean all the goop off.]

[locked to riddler]

[Transcribed carelessly over the journals. She isn't thinking at all. You can almost feel the anger in the words.] Tell me where you are.

[info]flamemustang in [info]doors

[Public, as Roy Mustang]

I've only recently heard of some illness spreading through another Door. My name is General Roy Mustang. I'd like to help, whatever way I can. I'm no doctor myself, but we've doctors in my world who are very skilled who I could send to assist. I, though Tony Stark refuses to accept it as a science, also am in possession of the Philosopher's Stone, which has been known to cure disease before in my own world, and partially in other worlds as well.

[Filtered to Chris Redfield]

Have any prognosis updates on the victims in your world yet? Is red water proving still to be more effective rather than not?

[Filtered to Riza Hawkeye]
I've found hintings at an illness effecting some other world. I believe we could assist, with our medical knowledge here. The Elrics have some research on alkahestry that could prove useful. Edward's report on using alkahestry to heal his own injury in particular was quite interesting. See what else you can find out from these other worlds for me, would you? I'm afraid I'm at odds with one Mr. Tony Stark in regards to alchemy being science, and their opinions may be biased in response.

[info]winterhawk in [info]doors

[Public] What is the sound of nothing?

Latitude: 36-09'49'' N
Longitude: 115-30'19'' W

The whisper of a voice
When no one’s around
A shuffle of footfalls
Softly browned